One thing>.<

If i spoil it then it won't be soo good but ill just tell you a little bit of it.A girl meets him and deeply fall in love immediately.She has something that he loves about her and it is just ONE THING! good movella.


2. nature love scene

Harry's P.O.V


I really need to go to the park today.why?Well because i just feel the need to be outdoors."im going somewhere guys..........ill be back later k?"i scream out to the boys as i leave.

When i get there it's soo nice and shiny like always.I first go take some pictures with some fans and then i get an ice scream.A girl comes up to me."would you marry mee harry?"

I chuckle a little "of course"

"great"she smiles and leaves off.I laugh and get up to throw my trash.While i walk to the trashcan i see a teen girl faced opposite of me.Her hair is light brown,curly,and pretty long.The way she stands gives me idk like sparks.


Tanya's P.O.V


Im touching some really soft leaves when all of a sudden i feel eyes on me from behind.So i turn to see this curly haired boy staring at me.I smile to him and then turn back.I suddenly get that feeling i have when im really nervous and have to do something.

So to avoid any awkwardness i decide to go up to him and greet my self.

Im walking towards him and he's acting like he doesn't know what im doing.which is totally fine with me.

I finally sit down next to him and look at the sun that's sadly staring at us.

"hey"i say shyly biting my lip.

"hey"he reply's with a cheeky smile.

I laugh a little."what?"i shake my head no."tell me"

"it's just....................your smile is really adorable"i face him this time.He flips his hair and chuckles."i know"

I laugh even more and stare at him from head to toe.

"what's your name?"i ask smiling.""

"tanya"i reply with my dimples showing."well nice to meet you tanya"he adds smiling.I nod and shake his hand for the first time."do you wanna go somewhere else?"he asks me.


"where do you wanna go?"

"mmmhmhmm.....idk whatever suits you"

He looks at me and then stands up."ok well ill come up with something"I smile and stand up as well,then we leave off.


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