One thing>.<

If i spoil it then it won't be soo good but ill just tell you a little bit of it.A girl meets him and deeply fall in love immediately.She has something that he loves about her and it is just ONE THING! good movella.


4. Evening

Tanya's P.O.V


It's been such a long day with harry,but the thing i wanna know is who he is still."hey.......umm could you please tell me who you are"i ask him nicely.

"ok Harry Styles."

" that what i was supposed to know?"


"then what is it"

"ugh ok................i am part of the boy band 'one direction'"

"what's that?"

"a famous boy band that's worldwide."

"wha-?so your saying im right now with a famous guy?"

"..............................yes pretty much"

"oh god"

Im surprised.Right now we're walking to my house and it's 9:45 p.m.Im pretty much smiling right now so darn much."can i tell you something?"he asks me.HOLY SHIT!!!



"well when i saw you for the first time today very early i completely froze until i saw your beautiful face look at me."


"and i just wanted to ask you if........"

He stops talking for a moment.Then he grabs both my cheeks.I freeze,but something makes my right hand raise and put it on is cheek.All of a sudden he starts getting close to me.I let him do it.

Then i close my eyes and let the texture of those juicy lips touch myn.

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