One thing>.<

If i spoil it then it won't be soo good but ill just tell you a little bit of it.A girl meets him and deeply fall in love immediately.She has something that he loves about her and it is just ONE THING! good movella.


1. The escape scene

Tanya's P.O.V


It's morning and i guess it's really sunny outside because the sun light trespasses my curtains.I cover my face so that the sun doesn't burn my face.I get up,stretch my arms and,yawn."ugh"i moan, because as i stretch, my bones become weak.

I go to the bathroom and take a shower.Several minutes later,i come out with wet hair and a wrapped towel against my body."it's so-ooo-oooo-ooo cold"i tremble with my teeth tapping each other.Once i get dressed and my hair's dry i make my way to the door."where do you think your going young lady?"i hear my father say.I squeeze my face and turn."to the mall with some friends dad"

"are you lying?"



" i have to go"

"ok well i want you back early.No later then 10:30p.m."

"ok bye"

I rush out the door rolling my eyes."ugh why are you guys so overprotective like for real im 18 and already graduated"i say quietly to myself.

I am not going to the going to the park and take pictures of plants and all the natures things.I love's soo nice and bright.I had to escape at one point.

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