A collection

It is more than just 'real'. It is nothing but what you imagine it to be.
It is your form of motivation; your picture of wanting, on the wall in your living room.
It is your defeat, as you read and wonder whether or not you have thought of it yourself; your reflection mirrors you as you do of them: being yourself, wanting more than what you have.
For whoever you are: this can be part of you, all of you.
It is a part of me.
It's a collection.


2. 2

Darkness; comes with the misunderstandings of innocence and the belief of the unavoidable restriction of reflecting upon one’s self. Come; with the unwanted discipline of what is supposed as the peak element of human talent. Dark; as the night crawls with the wanting fighting for what is not wanted. The people; all but kept within fear of others; for fear of themselves, yet without realization.

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