A collection

It is more than just 'real'. It is nothing but what you imagine it to be.
It is your form of motivation; your picture of wanting, on the wall in your living room.
It is your defeat, as you read and wonder whether or not you have thought of it yourself; your reflection mirrors you as you do of them: being yourself, wanting more than what you have.
For whoever you are: this can be part of you, all of you.
It is a part of me.
It's a collection.


1. 1

Life, so full of colour; colour, so full of beauty; beauty, so full of joy; joy, so full of life. An endless cycle that I, now, cannot stop thinking of. It is on a constant recreational schedule, a song in reverse. Lyrics to a melody of soft instruments, giving away their own soft glowing sensations; it plucks away the pieces of forgotten memories as it feeds memories anew to the mind. It gives back what has been taken away.

And although I may be making a fool of myself, I do not mind. It is I who has written, and it is I who has delivered.

Birds cry their calls earlier than I can bare. Their shrills are never ending, nor are mine. I do not wish to believe in the terrors that hide in the night, but I am indulged in it everyday. ‘It is how the world works’, they say. Isn't there enough of this madness to pass around? People open up, armed against each other, clawing at their eyes. There is rarely peace. Rarely. And so, when can we say that it is over? with all this conflict, never. 

The world says that the people of its creation discards itself.

“When will death stop?”, I and the world say together.
“Never will it stop”, responds the people, all in unison.
And in the back of my mind I see the Earth, the world, curl up into a ball; a smooth and harmless form. And from the tip of my tongue, I taste the fear in its heart, along with its bitterness. And with my ears I hear the world whisper in response to the rest of us, and of all:

“Always. Always the cycle. Please, begin again. Blossom anew”.

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