Summer Love (All of One Direction fan fiction)

Chloe is your average girl as well as her friends Denver, Jessica, Sereena, Camara, and Trinity. While they are taking a trip to Texas to see Chloe's family, they meet the boys of one direction on the way. When they all swore not to fall to much for any of the boys, Chloe has kept a little secret. Do her friends never forgive her for lieing? But what about there secrets?


6. Why Me...

We finally left the Kum and Go and we are all in the car. Fed and sleepy. Denver, my mum, Candyce, a mad Sereena and Camara are fast asleep. Me and Harry are talking and extanging smiles and kisses. I tell him im tired and he lets fall asleep on his shoulder. I aperently slept for only 20 minutes but it felt like 3 hours. Harry was crying and so was Denver. " Whats wrong?" I asked as soon as i woke up. "Nothing Babe. Its fine." Harry replyed wiping his eyes. "Yeah, Its cool." Said a shaking Denver. "What the hell is going on!?" I yelled. Im mad now. "Its nothing." Denver said. "NO! It is something! And you better tell me!" Im pissed! I thought we were friends. Harry and Denver start wispering something to eachother and them Harry moves away and nods. Im my head i think that there gonna tell me they hooked up o kissed but to my surprize Harry hands me his phone. It was on Twitter. I looked at some of the tweets and she me, Harry and Denver posing for a fan. I see the comments. Oh my... "WHO ARE THOUGHS WHORES WITH MY MAN!?" "Sluts..." " Whoever you motherfucking bitches are, you dont deserve Harry and I hope you die!" I am in tears now and they both are hugging me and apologizing. I dont know why, it wasnt there fault. I started crying really hard, i fell asleep. Why me...

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