Summer Love (All of One Direction fan fiction)

Chloe is your average girl as well as her friends Denver, Jessica, Sereena, Camara, and Trinity. While they are taking a trip to Texas to see Chloe's family, they meet the boys of one direction on the way. When they all swore not to fall to much for any of the boys, Chloe has kept a little secret. Do her friends never forgive her for lieing? But what about there secrets?


8. Really?

It's dark. Quiet. I'm in pain from head to toe. I lay there for what seems like hours. Then I hear a familiar British and Irish accent. Its Harry and Niall. I try calling out to them but I cant make any noises. So i just listen. Harry: What is happening!? Niall: I have no idea bro. There is another person. Its the doctor. Harry: Is she gonna be ok? Doctor: She should be fine. She is just in a coma. Niall: What.? FINE!? SHES IN A COMA! Harry:..... I-I.. I dont know what to say. Doctor: I'll leave ya'll alone. Harry: Thanks. Now for you Niall. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU PREFER A 13 YEAR OLD STRIPPER OVER A GIRLS LIFE!? I AM SO ASHAMED OF YOU! Niall: Haz, Im so sorry! I didnt mean to! It just happened! Shes pretty cute! Harry: Well, you can live happily with your cute stripper! While me on the other hand, cant live with the one I care about! Shes in a COMA! A COMA! Probably will never see me again. I hear him slam the door. This startles me and i do a little wiggle and Niall notices. He runs over to me and grabs my hand. "Chloe? You awake?" I still cant move but i do a little wiggle again. Niall calls the doctor. He comes in and is putting something inside me. It sends me into shock and i'm wide awake. I'm not even tired and it seems like I never was in the coma because the first thing I say is, "Can I talk to Niall alone please?" 


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