Summer Love (All of One Direction fan fiction)

Chloe is your average girl as well as her friends Denver, Jessica, Sereena, Camara, and Trinity. While they are taking a trip to Texas to see Chloe's family, they meet the boys of one direction on the way. When they all swore not to fall to much for any of the boys, Chloe has kept a little secret. Do her friends never forgive her for lieing? But what about there secrets?


7. Meeting Jessica.

So I woke up an hour later and have 12 twitter messages, 3 Facebook messages and 72 messages from my friend Jessica. I look at them and most of them are, "Hey Girly! Hows your trip? I'm sorry about the hate on Twitter." and "OMG! ITS GETTING BAD! I'm sorry! I'm coming today remember..." .... What.... Wait... I end up yelling, "OMG! WHAT DAY IS IT!?" And everyone jumps up and yells! Harry is very "calm" saying, "The 18th of July. Why?" I slept for 3 days! "What! Why aren't we in Texas yet!?" "Chloe, calm down! We took you to the hospital because you slept for a whole day." Omg. Jessica will be flying to Texas in... NOW! "Jessica is on her plane right now to go to Texas and we are suppost to be picking her up." I started texting her... Me: Hey Babe we wont be there to pick u up! Can you stay in a hotel or at the airport. 20 minutes later. Jess: Hey sorry it took so long to reply. Im on airplane mode. But totally! I dont mind at all. Me: Omg Awesome. We should only be about 30 minutes after u get there. Love You. So that is all sorted out. It is silent for a couple of minutes when u start hearing laughing and woos. We all look up and see Denver rip her shirt and Niall let go of the wheel and put a dollar in her bra. And that's all I remember...

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