Summer Love (All of One Direction fan fiction)

Chloe is your average girl as well as her friends Denver, Jessica, Sereena, Camara, and Trinity. While they are taking a trip to Texas to see Chloe's family, they meet the boys of one direction on the way. When they all swore not to fall to much for any of the boys, Chloe has kept a little secret. Do her friends never forgive her for lieing? But what about there secrets?


5. Kum and Go Disaster...

"Harry! Notice me! I love You! GIVE ME YOUR GRAVY!" Thats all I hear at this point. There are girls pushing me around to get to Harry. I'm not suprized this is happening. He is apart of the biggest boy band in HISTORY! "Please girls! I love you but we ned to get food and leave!" Harry is totally yelling now. They listen like he is there king. They ask for pictures and he lets some take pictures. Some want pictures with me and Denver to. We are a bit scarred though because we dont know if this will cause issues and hate to us and 1D....

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