Summer Love (All of One Direction fan fiction)

Chloe is your average girl as well as her friends Denver, Jessica, Sereena, Camara, and Trinity. While they are taking a trip to Texas to see Chloe's family, they meet the boys of one direction on the way. When they all swore not to fall to much for any of the boys, Chloe has kept a little secret. Do her friends never forgive her for lieing? But what about there secrets?


1. Hearing the news

Authors Note: Hey Reader! Thanks for reading! This is my first so I hope you like it! Oh and PS this is based off a dream I had last night!Thanks ~ChloeXOXO

"Come on Chloe!" Denver yelled as I am putting my make up on. We are going on a trip to Texas to see my family and I brought a couple of friends along. "LETS GO CHLOE!" Sereena screams at the top of her lungs. You can tell shes sleepy because she is grouchy when she doesn't get enough sleep. "Calm your tits! I'm coming!" Everyone stares as I walk down the stairs.They are all wearing sweats and tee-shirts. But I am wearing a short purple flowing dress and a pair of silver flats. "Why are you all dressed up?" Camara asks. I say, " Every time I take a trip, I see a cute guy and I look like a drag! This time I am prepared!"  They complete understood. "Are ya'll ready?" My mom asked with a strong country accent."Yes Ma'am." Trinity answered and we all nodded in agreement as we walked out the door. We all pile into the black and red van as Camara is getting in she yells,"Wait! I left my phone!" She jumps out of the car and runs inside and grabs her phone. She checks to see if she has any notifications. She has a Twitter notification. It says ,"@Harry_Styles posted: People of Dallas and north of Dallas, we are coming your way for a free concert! See you then!" Camara ran back to the car telling us the news. "Isn't that where we are going?!" Asked Sereena and Denver at the same time. I said with a blank face, "Yes..."

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