Falling for You

Hi I'm Mia Dawn, and this is my so called life. I've got a mum who spends most of her days glued to the computer, constantly looking for, 'Mr Magic' as she likes to refer to him; Then there's Devon, I wish I could call him my boyfriend, but sadly that is way far from reality. I have my three best friends, Zoey, Jenna, and Yasmin. Are friendship has always worked in the past, we just seem to click. But recently things have started to get a little shaky. It's the new boy, Alex - I knew he was trouble! from that very first day when he practically shoved me into poor Devon, I knew he was bad news. And I was right! Anyway, now everyone seems to be fighting over him. Well Zoey and Jenna that is.(Although, I'm sure he's managed to break some other girls heart too!) This means trouble for our group, which means trouble for me. No-one seems to care about me anymore, well, maybe Alyssa Mathews. But I'm sure she wouldn't much like me if she found out I was trying to steal her boyfriend. Eeeek!


2. your body language is everything...


I can’t believe its Friday already! Maybe the Universe is finally beginning to work in my favour... Well, I guess it’s kind of working in everyone’s favour really, because who doesn't love Fridays, right? But I’ll still count it as a good sign. I've been in a good mood all day. Probably because mum's finally agreed to let the girls come over tomorrow; after about the 5th or 6th pester this is. I kept telling her, that things would be a lot easier if she just agreed right at the start - then there’s obviously no need for me to continuously pester her. But for some reason, when I explained my theory - she just laughed at me, and ambled of to her room. Seriously! Anyone would think, I'm the mum, and she's the child!

Anyway, this morning when I got to school, everyone seemed to of forgotten about what happened yesterday, with Mr. Dixon, and Veronica. Veronica herself, seemed to have had the whole scenario wiped from her brain, or something. The way she just casually approached me, asking if I'd brought any skittles with me today - Was just plain freaky... The girl cannot be trusted. Clearly. So, I was about to take my usual seat at the back with Jenna and Zoey( Sadly, Yasmin has recently been forced to sit right at the front with Tyler Jackson, of all people.) When this clumsy boy, with sandy straggly hair, knocked right into me. Pushing me straight into Devon, who was about to take his seat in front! It came as such a shock to me, that when Devon apologised (Even though it totally wasn't his fault- that’s just the kind of caring thing he would do) I couldn't even form basic words! I just kept opening and shutting my mouth like some goldfish, waiting to be fed. Eventually, the straggly haired boy said:

"Urgh, maybe you should watch where your going next time. Yeah? I'm sure keeping your eyes open would help too," He said it in a teasing kind of way. But I didn't care; I was blaming him for everything. I didn't even bother replying, instead I turned to face Devon, hoping to of regained my power of speech.

"Oh My Gosh! Devon I am so sorry! Are you ok?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah I'm all right. Thanks. You ok? Hey mate! What are you doing here? How come you never told me you were coming to Fishers?” Devon said. Turning to spud the straggly haired boy at the end. Great, if Devon and him were friends, how would it look if i didn't even have enough common curtosy to acknowledge him? Devon would think I was rude, or had a big ego, or something. This, is totally not what you call girlfriend material. I'll have to fix that.

"Oh you two know each other? Wow small world eh! and oh, I'm so sorry for bumping into you, totally my fault." I said, maybe over acting the last part a little too much.

"No worries ‘sweetar, I'm used to girls falling at my feet. Of course you, bumped... but its kind of the same thing," He said, winking at me. What was up with this guy? and how dare he call me sweetheart?! Talk about big egos! I wonder how him and Devon even became friends in the first place... Devon is so kind and gentle, not to mention gorgeous. And this guy is, well, completely the opposite. He's rude, boisterous, and... Ugly!

“Haha, yeah...” I answered finally. Devon must have noticed the awkward silence that followed shortly after my sentence too, because he then said:

“Um, yeah... May isn't it? ”

" Um,  no - its Mia actually" I said it as politely as I could. It was an easy enough name for anyone to mistake, I guess. But, from the love of my life? Not so much.

“Right. This is my friend Alex, we went primary together," Devon said, rather akwardly. It was so hard to stay mad, at someone so naturally gorgeous...

"Oh, that’s, really cool” I said, simultaneously staring right into his amazing green eyes as I spoke.

You see, last night, I was so bored that I began researching totally random things like: How did Mariah Carey become famous? And, how do you die your hair naturally? As well as, how do penguins keep warm in the freezing Arctic (that IS wear they live right?)Even though they barely have any fur... ? Anyway, after half an hour of that, I found my self asking Google: ‘how to get your super hot crush to fall in love with you, when your a little out of his league' I was surprised to see that one website in particular called, ‘Us Girls' had a whole article on boys, how to talk to them, what to talk about, and so on... Did you know that 60% of communicating is shown through your body language? And apparently, if your facing someone with your feet pointed towards them, it means that you like them. (As in a ‘more than a friend’ kind of way) So,  I tried to cram all of the tips from the website into my tiny sentence (which, trust me, is VERY tricky) I also threw in a lot of smiling at the end, just for good measure. Hopefully it came across subtly, and not in a 'creepy' kind of way...

Devon smiled back - with that adorable half grin of his. But it wasn't in a loving way, it was more like... an amused smile. What was so amusing about what I'd done? Had I smiled too much? I was just about to say something else, when I remembered Zoey and Jenna.  Jenna was pretending to be searching for something in her bag, but I could tell she had been listening to the whole conversation. She'd probably want to be introduced to Alex given her crazy, boy obsessed mind- Maybe even Zoey too, because of the whole, 'newly single' status thing.

"Hey guys, you OK? Have you met the new boy...Alex?" I said.

"Oh, no! Hi Alex, I'm Jenna," Jenna said. Literally batting her eyelashes at the end, could she be anymore obvious?

Looking at her properly, I can see that she's shaken her look up a bit. Jenna's ditched the, somehow cute, goody too shoes look - for a more ultra-goth-girl style. Dark, somehow subtle, red lips, her normally mousy blond hair; now thicker, more volumous,  Her almond shaped eyes, previously bare, are now lined with heavy kohl, blazer sleeves are now rolled up; so that the cuffs of her blouse are now showing, and Jenna's skirt has been hitched up slightly too; so that it now hangs loosely around her thighs; in a fashionable, not too short way.

I was quite proud of her actually, changing one's look is a big step every girl must take at some point. Of course, mine had been when I was around 11; I stopped wearing the cutesy-cutesy t-shirts with kittens and hearts on them; And started wearing, well... whatever it is I wear now. Anything I can find really, I thought. I guess my main style, is quite laid back, cute tee(NOT like the ones I used to wear!) skinny jeans, and my favorite leather ankle boots, which I begged mum for last Christmas.  Oh, and my charm bracelet - I've had that since... forever. It's the only thing left I have of my dad. He gave it to me, as one of many 'guilt presents' which divorced parents tend to give; it was plain and set in silver. Don't worry, he's not dead or anything, my dad. It's just that he lives all the way on the other side of the world. All the way in Thailand.

He's got a new family too; Katie, his very recent wife, has three sons. The eldest one's probably 10 by now, I'd say he's the most annoying. When I used to visit dad, back when he lived in East London,  I had to share a double bed with the harry, the eldest, who was 8 at the time. He kicked me all through the night, on purpose! So much so that in the morning I could actually see these horrible faint purple bruises starting to form. I would of told Dad, but the little gremlin blackmailed me. (Yep, blackmailed by an 8 year old, I was.) He said that if I dared tell anyone, he'd tell my Dad that I'd peeped at my present (the charm bracelet) before I was supposed to. This, was something Dad had totally forbidden, but I just couldn't help myself. So, I had the tiniest little, incy, peep through the wrapping paper. which led to a big accidental rip in the middle. This meant that I had to sneak up stairs to wear dad had hidden the wrapping paper, and re-rap it. I would of gotten away with it to, if hadn't been for the terrible trio!

Anyway, after about an eternity of Jennas  eyelash batting, curtosy of her new 'falses mascara', Alex replys with a whole lot of cheeky winking.

"Hey, how you ‘doin ?’’  Alex says. Stopping to do that weird, I’m-checking-you-out thing boys do - before he gives her, yet another one, of those ultra freaky winks of his. Of course Jenna got even more excitable after this, and just sort of… stared at him for a very LONG while. She had on  this cute, but equally manic grin plastered to her face. Zoey didn't say anything at all, she just sat there - staring longingly at the miserable grey sky, with the drizziling rain - through the window.  She was dreaming about Owen, most probably. Obviously, yesterdays good mood hadn't lasted for long.

I was almost relieved when Mr. Boston, our form tutor, walked in. And I really, DON’T like Mr Boston. You see, to the naked eye, Boston’s just your average teacher. He dresses in a smart teacher-ly way, he also wears these ties with weird designs on them. In fact, most of the male teachers do... if they seriously think that ties, with a not to convincing replica of the Mona Lisa on them are cool, then... well... they’re just... Strange. Then again, I guess ties are the only way men can really express themselves, since they only ever wear those boring business suits... Oh shut up brain!

Anyway, to the naked eye, Mr. Boston is your average teacher. But when you really get to know him, I mean, REALLY get to know him, you soon realise that he is actually the meanest teacher who ever lived! He's practcally a T- rex in human form!          Last Friday for instance, I was walking to school, and even though I'm usually a couple minutes late - on that day I was in fact early! So,  I  walked through the gates and into the playground to see everyone lining up in their classes for assembly.  I decided I'd better walk through the  classrooms and out the other entrance to get to my form. That way, I wouldn't have 100 odd eyes staring at me as I walked( which is what normally happens.) Mr. Boston saw. And, guess what he did?  Interrogated me! Practically shouting at me in front of the whole of year 9! And, Just because I had walked through the classrooms, and not the sea of eyes.

What’s wrong with that anyway? I was still on time! I didn't really know what to say to him after that; I'm sure he wouldn't have sympathised with me not wanting to draw attention to myself. It’s just not the kind of thing he would do. I think I started mumbling something about wanting to go to the toilet after that, and hoped that he would just leave me be. But that set him of on another lecture about, you guessed it, mumbling! And well... I'm sure you get the idea, teachers are very unfair, especially ones called Mr. Boston… And who wear weird ties.





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