Falling for You

Hi I'm Mia Dawn, and this is my so called life. I've got a mum who spends most of her days glued to the computer, constantly looking for, 'Mr Magic' as she likes to refer to him; Then there's Devon, I wish I could call him my boyfriend, but sadly that is way far from reality. I have my three best friends, Zoey, Jenna, and Yasmin. Are friendship has always worked in the past, we just seem to click. But recently things have started to get a little shaky. It's the new boy, Alex - I knew he was trouble! from that very first day when he practically shoved me into poor Devon, I knew he was bad news. And I was right! Anyway, now everyone seems to be fighting over him. Well Zoey and Jenna that is.(Although, I'm sure he's managed to break some other girls heart too!) This means trouble for our group, which means trouble for me. No-one seems to care about me anymore, well, maybe Alyssa Mathews. But I'm sure she wouldn't much like me if she found out I was trying to steal her boyfriend. Eeeek!


3. Secrets

Why are mums so annoying?

Here I am trying to make the house nice and presentable for the girls' arrival, and mum is on the computer looking for the man of her dreams on 'Everythingdating.com' seriously? How irresponsible is that?! I wonder if she thinks she'll actually get a boyfriend on there? ... I mean, I  would be more optimistic for her but... well,  last weekend when I secretly looked at her 'matches' I saw how terribly old-phogey-bogey-ish they were. It still gives me shivers...

“Mum, do you think you could maybe give me some help now?' I called from my room.

It took her like 5 whole minutes before she finally managed to say:

"Erm, yeah... Mia, just hang on a minute will you? I'm just... erm, finishing something of for work," mum replied. Ooh! I can’t believe she's just lied to me! I'm sure this is not the kind of thing they teach at mum school... or wherever it is they go...

Oh, great! That’s the door bell, and I haven’t even laid the snacks out yet! And, I' m still in my pajamas! I wonder if it’s just me who doesn’t get dressed until mid-day...?

Thankfully it's just Jenna; she’s always arriving early for these kinds of things, always ready to help her best buddy in a crisis.

"Hey Mia! Sorry for coming so early, it’s just, I’ve been up since 7:30 and I couldn’t... I didn’t- well... I thought that I could help you set up, and stuff... Is that OK? Plus, I brought a cake mix! Well 6 actually," Jenna said, as she thrust six, somewhat battered cake mixes- drowned in purple ribbon- at me.

“Oh, don't worry, Actually, I could really do with some help right about now. Come in," I said, as I abandoned the bunch on the cabinet .

Jenna stepped through the door, and instinctively called out a friendly "Hi Miss Dawn, How are you?" to mum, who's face was most probably still glued to the computer screen. 

"Oh hi sweetie, I'm alright. How are you? I trust your mums well," Mum answered, eventually. She still had that distant edge to her voice, as if her mind was somewhere else... But she managed (somehow) to detach her eyes from the screen and greet Jenna  properly in the hallway. 

“Oh yeah, I’m fine, and my mums been on cloud nine all week!  'Martha's Delights' are doing really well you see, just yesterday this guy ordered 300 mini macaroons! Because, his apparently very spoilt daughter was having her wedding. And she specifically wanted cherry, chocolate and ginger macaroons; which just so happens to be the flavor we specialize in! So, yeah...”

“Oh that’s fantastic darling, I’ll have to give Martha a call, maybe she can do the cakes for my wedding! Ginger and chocolate sounds nice. but I’m not so sure about the cherry... Maybe I could have ginger and chocolate tarts? Oh, that would be delish! “ said mum. What an earth was she on about? And what wedding?! Sometimes I really do wonder what goes on in that head of hers...

“Er mum, what wedding? What are you on about? And please don't say ‘delish’ like ever. Ever, again.” I said.

“ Hey hey, no need to be cheeky! I’m just thinking about the future, that's all. I mean, I do plan on getting married, someday. Maybe even in the near future! And when that day does come, I certainly won’t be expecting that negative attitude from you. Clear?” said mum, giving me one of her I'm-warning-you looks, as she said the last part. 

“ Yes sorry, its just... Its just a bit weird, you know, that you would just randomly say that. Anyway, me and Jenna have got lots to do, so were gonna go up to my room now. OK?”

“OK,  that's fine. Just make sure that it's tidy before you bring the others up. Oh, and the snacks for you are in the fridge, but paws of my eclairs!” Mum said. She NEVER lets me go near her precious eclairs, not even last year when it was my birthday! Every Friday, we go up to the co-operative, and choose a special treat. I normally choose a bag of salty popcorn, or chocolate cookies, or an extra value pack of fig rolls ( which, for some reason, everyone else seems to think are totally inedible! or at least that's the only way I can describe their facial expression, when they spit them out.) But mum ALWAYS goes for the same thing: eclairs. And she doesn't let anyone else touch them! Not even me! Consequently, I didn't bother commenting on that, I just tolled her thanks and then walked up the stairs to my room, with Jenna.

It took us half an hour to tidy my room. It wasn't messy, as such, there were just a few dis-guarded magazines lurking around in the corners... and a few oil stains on my bedside table; from where I’d tried out a new hair treatment yesterday. Ok, I guess it was a bit messy. It then took me another 20 minutes to get ready. And by this time, Yasmin and Zoey had arrived. I heard them talking to my mum at the front door, before they came up to my room.

I wonder if mum is still searching for my future step-dad,  or "Mr magic" as she likes to refer to him. She's forever going on about how, 'Mr magic' is out their somewhere, and how, she'll know when she sees him. "Fate has a funny way of working things out" she would say.

“Hey guys, hows it going? We brought the snacks!”  said Zoey, as she arranged them on my Chester Draws.

" Yeah, we even remembered the fig rolls, no need to thank me! Well, actually, I wouldn't mind being payed in chocolate truffles. Did you get them? Please, please say you  have," Continued Yasmin. The girl is totally obsessed, with chocolate! Her diet consists of: Chocolate, ham and cheese sandwiches, Chocolate, Chocolate, and more, you guessed it, chocolate! Well, at least that's all I've ever seen her eat, anyway. The really irritating thing is though, is that she remains totally stick thin, and blemish free! I truly, do not know how she does it. I mean, I would give anything to eat as much fig rolls as I wanted; without being conscious of what species of ugly spot would make its way onto my face, the next morning. 

"Thanks! but no, sadly I forgot the truffles. Although, I do have those 'Choco Button' things you said you liked," I said.

"Even better! Well, nearly even better. because choc truffles are deffo' still the undefeated champions. But buttons will do just fine," She replied, as she licked her lips eagerly. On anyone else, I would of found the action rather disgusting, but Yasmin managed to get away with things like that. I responded by giving her a thumbs up, and handing her the packet. This, probably meant the rest of us wouldn't be getting any chocolate tonight. But that was a sacrifice I was willing to make, since Yas had given me whole pack of fig rolls to my self. Well, OK  I know that's because no-one else really likes them. But still.

"So... What shall we do first?"  asked Jenna

"Hmm... Shall we do the spa session? I thought we could make the face mask with berries and avocado, The website said that baby butt skin is guaranteed, for at least a couple days!" I laughed.

"Or, what if we start with the rom-com, to get us in the mood? Which ones have you got, Mia?" Asked Yasmin.

"Or, what if... What if... Um... Maybe we could... Tell secrets... Or something? Its just..."Said Zoey. She didn't really finish the end of her sentence, which made all of us that much more curious. I wonder what it is she's hiding?

"What is it?" Squealed Jenna, with this maddening grin on her face.

"Yes, what? Spit it out girl!" Said Yasmin, speaking the last part in this hilarious accent, scarily similar to Mr. Dickens' actually. Zoey looked as if she was about to blurt it all out, but then hurriedly swallowed it back down. A shy smile played on her lips, she looked almost... Guilty?

"Zo, spill!" I practically shouted.

"OK, well... You see, yesterday in last period, Mrs Johnson - You know her right, the Art teacher?- " We all nodded. "Yeah, well  she introduced us to the new boy in our year - it turns out he's her son. He is super cute! And I mean like: total dreamboat kind-of-cute. And, that means cuter than Owen. But he's not shallow like the other boys, not like Owen. You should see him, guys, he's so... so... artistic! Anyway, I was so lucky, because miss asked him sit next to me! and so, we got talking... And then, well, after school, I bumped into him again, after you guys left. We were practically alone at the bus stop, and I didn't really know what to say, so I panicked - and started talking about the weather, how cold it was, and stuff. So then, he gave me his jacket! And... then -  I er,  kind of accidentally kissed him... Anyway, I think he might really like me! And I definitely like him; I really think, that he could be, you know, the one."  Wow. 

"Ohmigod!" Yasmin cried, as she shook of her trailing silk scarf, like she couldn't breathe or something.

"Woah," Jenna breathed, eyes wide with awe, like she'd just seen a pink unicorn galloping down a rainbow.

"Wow." I said again, mostly to myself.

" But - but, hang on; you kissed him?! You don't even know this guy! He could of been expelled from his last school, for setting the place on fire, or - or bringing a gun into school! And what about Owen? " Said Yasmin. The girl has, such an imagination.

" What about him? He dumped me, remember? It's not like I'm cheating on him, or anything. Were over. Done. Finito. Got it?"

" Yeah, OK, but you only just broke up with him, the day before! What are people going to think, what do you think there gonna say?" 

" I don't care what they say! Why should I? It's my life. And, he wasn't expelled, he chose to leave the school for personal reasons. I know almost everything about Alex, it's like we've known each other forever, we've been talking ever since -"

" Wait - did you just say, Alex? Alex as in the new guy in our form? " Jenna cut in.

" He's in are form? What? How do you know?  How do you even know his name?"

" Er, duh! Even I know that, and I sit all the way at the front!" Said Yasmin, as she inwardly rolled her eyes.

"Zoey introduced me,' Jenna said, rather matter of factly. Why did she have to go dragging me into this? I was perfectly content watching the argument from a careful distance, on the edge of my bed. It's not like I wasn't going to sort it all out. I was. Just, eventually. "Well, us actually. But you, were to busy staring out the window, knee deep in your sorrows, to even notice! Which brings me to the fact that I saw him first, I think he was even starting to like me. He winked at me, even!" There was no stopping her now. She semed to go on, and steadily, on about how she was in the process of, 'Reeling him in' And how Zoey probably knew about Alex before, which meant that she, 'Obviously' could see how much Jenna had liked him. This meant, that Zoey kissed him, 'A guy you didn't even know!' Just to spite her. Jenna even went on to say how she'd always suspected that Zoey was a tad jealous of her; and how this was the only way that she could get her own back!This, was definatley not the way Jenna usually behaved. She was always the upbeat one, always the one who could make you smile in spite of a bad mood. But, this, it just wasn't her, or atleast not the version of her I was used to. And I wasn't planning on loosing my quirky positive bff over some stupid argument about an even stupider boy.

Zoey gave me the evil eyes then, like it was all my fault, that she'd managed to get herself into this mess - I ignored her. I mean, I would of been more sympathetic, under normal circumstances. But at the time, I thought she was, after all, in the wrong. Jenna was right, why... How, could you possibly kiss a guy within just one day of knowing him? I mean, I understand that she was really depressed about Owen; I get, that she thought that this guy was Mr perfect. A guy , who would solve all her problems - who would give her the long awaited happy ending everyone deserves. (What do I sound like? Were only 13 years old for gordons sake!!) See what this stupid 'Alex' charecter does? He messes with your head, man. Anyway, both Jenna and Zoey are definatly wrong about one thing. He's the shallowest of them all, I just know it. This is not going to end well.






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