Falling for You

Hi I'm Mia Dawn, and this is my so called life. I've got a mum who spends most of her days glued to the computer, constantly looking for, 'Mr Magic' as she likes to refer to him; Then there's Devon, I wish I could call him my boyfriend, but sadly that is way far from reality. I have my three best friends, Zoey, Jenna, and Yasmin. Are friendship has always worked in the past, we just seem to click. But recently things have started to get a little shaky. It's the new boy, Alex - I knew he was trouble! from that very first day when he practically shoved me into poor Devon, I knew he was bad news. And I was right! Anyway, now everyone seems to be fighting over him. Well Zoey and Jenna that is.(Although, I'm sure he's managed to break some other girls heart too!) This means trouble for our group, which means trouble for me. No-one seems to care about me anymore, well, maybe Alyssa Mathews. But I'm sure she wouldn't much like me if she found out I was trying to steal her boyfriend. Eeeek!


4. Chapter 2

“Look! Will you all just stop it?!"I shouted. Then, with a great sigh I carried on. "Were supposed to be friends, BFFs remember? Or have you forgotten...?" I raised my brow at them. “Look, I suggest we all just wipe the slate clean, we can watch something, yes?" They grudgingly nodded. "OK, Yasmin, get the rom-com. Jenna, go downstairs and get the popcorn from the cupboard; and Zoey, you can get the blanket and pillows from the hallway, before you wash your face that is - so that we can all snuggle up together, just like old times. Got it? Right. Good." They all gave a little gasp, like they'd never heard my speak like that before, which, I guess, I hadn't. I nearly surprised myself too, ordering them all about like that- as if they where only 5 years old. But it had to be done, someone had to take charge. And, well, it was my sleepover, and my house, so that someone was likely gong to be me.

Yasmin and Jenna didn't say anything, they just accepted the jobs I'd assigned them and went off. But, when they had disappeared Downstairs, Zoey said:

"Thanks. I think we all needed that. I needed that... Look, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn’t of kissed him. And trust me, I know what the likes of Ronny will say when it goes round. I just... It's like I said, I just couldn't help myself, he just leaned towards me, and I knew what that meant. So   I showed him I knew. And I know what your all thinking about him, that he took advantage me, just another guy wanting to show of to his mates about how far he could go with a girl he just met. All these thinks your thinking, I've gone over like a gazillion times in my head. But he's not like that. Could you please just do me a favour, and just trust that I've made the right decision? I know that you and Yasmin are just looking out for me, and Jenna... Oh, you don't believe her do you? That I knew she liked him before, that I'm just jealous of her? ‘Coz I'm not, you know I'm not. I'm not like that-"

"It won't" I said.


“I mean, it won't go round, because we won't let. We'd never tell anyone your secrets Zo; don't you know that by now? And of course I don't believe that’s true, neither does Jenna. It was just the anger talking; you know she’s not like that really. I’m she’ll be over it by this afternoon."

“You think so?" She replied, desperately.

“I know so," I said, confidently. “And, I'm sorry about all that before, I don't Know what go into me - god I sounded just like my mum! It's just, I got a little narked that you guys kept arguing. You know how I hate it. And about something that silly too - well, maybe it wasn't that silly. Especially with Jenna and you liking the same boy, and everything. Though I don't understand what you too see in him, I'd say he's bad news myself... But anyway, “I carried on gently.” I think we should have a meeting about all this, and then decide properly, what to do about it. You can't just march in here, and ruin my carefully planned sleepover you know!" I joked, giving her hand a little squeeze – now having totally forgiven her for the evil eyes earlier.

“Oh Mia, I'm sorry" She said, taking the joke seriously. “Yes, I think a maybe a meeting would be a good idea. We could have it tomorrow, after school, by Old Rusty?" ‘By Old Rusty’, was our most favoured place in the whole of the park. Though, the park wasn't really much at all, anymore. It used to be a grand place, with a slide, swings and jungle gym, which everyone had loved the most. But that had been ages ago, when I was only about 3 or 4. Of course everything had seemed big and dazzling at the measly age of 3. The park had always been this little play area at the bottom of our road, but back then, it had seemed like an adventure park! It might as well have been Disney land! Every day I'd beg mum to take me there after nursery, so that I could be the first one on the top of the jungle gym. I used to pretend that if I was on top, then all the other children down on the gravel would be my servants, and I would be their most deserving queen. After a while, the other kids began to accept this. Well, not the part about me being their queen - but, the bit where they realised that the spot on top of Old Rusty, was reserved only and solely for moa.

We didn’t call it Old Rusty back then of course, as it was completely brand new. But after a few years, Old Rusty began to rust. Allot. So, after a while I, and all the other children, stopped calling it, the jungle gym, and started calling it: Old Rusty. This, is why are favourite spot in the park is near Old Rusty, and not, on it – because otherwise it’d probably collapse on us.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s quite unsafe to still be in the park, just in case some stupid little kid climbed up it. Although, I hope they don’t remove it completely. As I’m sure you’ve gathered it holds a lot of sentimental value to me, as I’m sure it does to loads of other kids.

“What’s all this about a meeting?” I jumped. Yasmin had purposefully snuck up behind me. “What? Surprised to hear me talking again? Surely you didn’t think I’d stay quiet for long. You can’t just order everyone about you know, and expect them to just listen and not speak. You have such a cheek, Mia, giving us two little jobs, while you and Jenna spill secrets behind our backs!” Yasmin said.

“We weren’t telling secrets, Yas. I was just saying to Zoey that we should have a proper meeting about all of this, Tomorrow, by Old Rusty.”

“Mmm,” She said, not quite believing me.

“And, look, I’m truly sorry about ordering you all about like that. But I felt someone had to take charge, you know?”

“Mmm,” She said again. “Fine, fine, you’re of the hook - apology accepted. But I still don’t think you should be leaving us to do your dirty work!” She exagerated the word, us by waving about a bunch of possible DVD choices.

“I know, Yas. And I won’t ever do it again, OK? Pinkie promise,” I said. We pinkie promised, before Yas turned to face Zoey.

“And Zo you know I’m not mad at you, right? Kissing a boy you just met actually sounds like something I would do, right? But it was kind of a crummy thing to do, what with Jenna seeing him first.” She said.

“But I didn’t steal him! I honestly didn’t know she liked him. I wasn’t even paying attention when Mia introduced him. Come on, Yas, you’ve got to believe me!”

“OK, OK, but I doubt Jenna will believe you, she’s still pretty mad at you,”


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