Falling for You

Hi I'm Mia Dawn, and this is my so called life. I've got a mum who spends most of her days glued to the computer, constantly looking for, 'Mr Magic' as she likes to refer to him; Then there's Devon, I wish I could call him my boyfriend, but sadly that is way far from reality. I have my three best friends, Zoey, Jenna, and Yasmin. Are friendship has always worked in the past, we just seem to click. But recently things have started to get a little shaky. It's the new boy, Alex - I knew he was trouble! from that very first day when he practically shoved me into poor Devon, I knew he was bad news. And I was right! Anyway, now everyone seems to be fighting over him. Well Zoey and Jenna that is.(Although, I'm sure he's managed to break some other girls heart too!) This means trouble for our group, which means trouble for me. No-one seems to care about me anymore, well, maybe Alyssa Mathews. But I'm sure she wouldn't much like me if she found out I was trying to steal her boyfriend. Eeeek!


1. embarrassing episodes



I had just awoken, from one of the best dreams. Ever. Devon and I, had gone on another spell binding date, in which he had whisked me away from my bedroom window - and carried me in his arms to a nearby beach. It was by far the most beautiful landscape I'd ever seen. The sea was a bluey-turquoise, and the sky a glorious cerulean blue. The sand was a perfect white except for where parts shimmered, as if they had been sprinkled by fairy dust. In fact, I'm pretty sure that’s what it was...

When we were finished admiring the view, Devon set me down on the shimmering sand.  He opened up his rucksack, and pulled out a picnic basket, stuffed to the brim with all my favourite foods: Strawberries and chocolate, lemon drizzle cake; still oozing with the sticky stuff in the middle, pineapple slices, truffles, lemonade, banana bread, cream cakes, éclairs, and an array of neatly cut sandwiches. He knew me so well! I longed for the dream to carry on and get to the part where Devon gives me one of those movie-moment kisses. The ones where fireworks seemingly pop out of no-where... But my watch alarm got in the way.

That’s the thing about dreams, they're not reality. They love to trick people by making it seem so real, making you feel all the right emotions - as if it really were real. And then you just... wake up.  The weight of the pain is ten times worse for me though, because in real life, I don't think Devon is even aware of my existence. To top that, he's one of the 'populars' and happens to be dating the queen bee herself, Alyssa Mathews. (Which in case you haven't already guessed, makes him totally out of my league.) Alyssa practically runs the school! The girls who are not worshiping her are practically moulding with jealousy! And, I think it safe to say that all the boys are totally in LOVE with her. Seriously! How are the rest of us NORMAL looking girls with, AVERAGE looking features, meant to compete against this... this... goddess of gorgeousness!?

"Ah Miss Dawn, I see you've finally decided to join us." It was Mr Dixon, one of my most of loathed teachers. He was a very spiteful man, with short stubby legs, and round glasses - which made his eyes appear humongous. He also had this ridiculously fake posh accent, which he only ever used when he was telling you of. It was as if he thought it made him seem more, knowledgeable or whatever . I decided I'd better say something, before he tried to humiliate me any further; the class were already in hysterics.

" Er, yes. You see, I can explain-" I'd barely even started to form my sentance, before Dixon got a word in edgeways.

"Honestly, daydreaming is such a bad habit! Why don't you get to bed earlier, and you'll have plenty of time for dreams," I guess I was too late.

"Yes, sorry sir," I mumbled. Although I wasn't sorry, not one little bit. Mr Dixon had just earned himself number one, on my list of most hated teachers.

“Ah sir! you should of let her carry on, she looked mad! There was even a bit of dribble coming out her mouth. Ha! " Shouted Veronica. I tried not to take the comment to heart, as I knew Ronny- As she likes to be called, correction, orders us to call her - was mean to everyone. But it still hurt. We've all been made to call her that name ever since Steven Jackson-  the class know-it-all (You know the ones who always seem to have such a, LOUD opinion about everything, and cant seem to keep it to them selves?!) Made fun of Veronica's name for sounding too posh in Year 6. She's made everyone swear to only ever call her Ronny from now on. And, apparently, the consequence is punishable by death. Which, I highly doubt, as I am not stupid. But I'm still not much looking forward to what she would actually do, if she heard me say her full name out loud. So I only call her, Veronica, in my head.

"Now Veronica, that’s enough." said Mr Dixon. (He called her that too, as he was a teacher after all.) Old posh pants was trying to act stern, but I could see, all to well, that he was struggling not to smile . Yep, definitely number one on my list.

For the rest of the lesson, I tried to look as focused, and engaged, as I could. But I didn't understand half the things he was blabbing on about, which made it much harder to pay attention. When the bell finally did ring to signal break, my brain was aching. I grabbed my coat and bag, before going off in search of Jenna, Zoey and Yasmin- my three closest friends. They were all waiting for me in the library, which was where we normally hung out when it was cold. I was positively dying to tell them about my embarrassing episode with Mr. Dixon; but I could already see that Jenna and Yasmin, were already focused on Zoey, who once I looked at her, seemed to be wiping tears from her cheek- with what looked an ancient tissue, dotted with tiny red hearts.

“Zo, are you ok? What’s wrong?" I  asked lightly, surprising my self with cool, and in control I sounded. Zoey gave me a look full of hurt, or was it irritation? between these big trembeling gasps. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What was wrong with me? Supose her cat had died? A few weeks ago, Zo had found this helplessly cute, stray, kitten roaming around the bins behind her mums, 'all-you-can-eat cupcake shop'  Miraculously, after hours of begging this is, her mum agreed to adopt the poor thing. Temporarily. What if Zoey's mum had decided to get rid of it...? Oh, that would be terrible. I hastily returned the look with something I hoped showed I was sorry.

"Yeah. No... No. It’s Owen he, he, he... He told me it wasn't wo-wo-wo-wor-king out between us, and that he needs space. Can you believe it?! Space! After all we've been through, all I've - all I've done for him. And now he's saying he needs space. The cheek of it!" she replied, uncharacteristically boiling over with anger.

"Hey, hey come on, he's not worth getting angry over," I said, rushing over to reassure her.

"Yeah Mia's right. Totally not worth it." Yasmin added - her usual bundle of mismatched bangles, clattering rythmically, as she dramatically waved her hands about for emphasis. Yasmin, could be such a drama queen.

"I know, I know. I just can’t believe it, you know? It's like how could he even... Ah, I think that what I need, is some serious girl time right now! I'm talking, banana face masks, movies, secrets, makeovers... just about everything and anything to distract me from... Him. Hey, maybe we could arrange it for this Saturday? Who’s house? I can't have it at mine, because my brothers having this play-date-thing with his friend... Terrence I think he's called, and my mums like: Of course you can’t have both of your friends over at the same time!  There’s simply not enough space, cant you see that? It's not like were living in a mansion Zoey! and blah blah blah... " Zoey said. Saying the last part in a spot on mimic of her mums voice, which abruptly made me splutter into giggles-until I realised lamely that I was the only one laughing. Time and the place, Mia. Time and the place...

"Well it was mine last time. So... Mia? What about yours?" Jenna chimed in eagerly. I was, actually planning on having a sleepover with the girls soon anyway, so I guess... it should be ok. If my Mum's in a giving kind of mood that is... 

"Ok! I’ll ask my mum, alright?" I replied.

" Coolio" Yasmin remarked.

"So it's settled then! I'll text you guys what time I’ll be there," said Jenna - eyes all bright, and shiny, with excitement.

"It’s settled!" Zoey echoed, thankfully much cheerier.

By the time we had decided who would bring what snacks, it was already the end of break. Jenna and Yasmin had music together, so I hugged them both goodbye and walked, arm in arm to maths with Zoey.


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