Forever and a day...(Complete)

Mary is on her way to work but in a few mintutes her life will change forever...and not in a good way

Please enjoy



3. Thinking time

What is my worst fear? When I was alive -wait, am I dead? I need to ask the man when he come back- my worst fear was spiders. But now, I think its losing Charlie. Possibly forever. I think about it and realise that without Charlie I am nothing. We are so in sinc its like we're one person at times and I love him do much that sometimes it hurts. I sit down and pull a pen out of my pocket. I uncap it and start to draw me and Charlie together. first his strong square jaw, then his piercing blue eyes, his mop of brown hair and his chiseled physice. And then, finally, I draw his mouth smiling down at me. Me, lying on his lap with his hand stroking my golden tresses, which flow all over his knees. My grey-blue eyes looking up at him, wishing that he would never let me go. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn but no one is there. I close my eyes and feel my life being tugged into another object. I hear sobbing above me and the pressure of Charlie's lips on my forehead. I open my eyes slowly and I see his face light up. Light up and kiss me. And then I realise. I love him, nobody can tell me otherwise because noe it is imprinted on my heart. I look up at the sky and see a message. 'Congratulations, you made it back' i smile to myself and let myself me lost in Charlie's embrace...

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