Forever and a day...(Complete)

Mary is on her way to work but in a few mintutes her life will change forever...and not in a good way

Please enjoy



2. The truth

"Where am I?"

I turn around looking for help but I can't see anyone. I start freaking out calling my boyfriend's name over and over.

"Charlie, Charlie. Charlie are you there. Please come over here." i called desperate for an answer.

"They aren't going to hear you." 

I turned on my foot and looked at the figure behind me. I looked at him and he pointed at the ground. I looked and saw a message there. 'there is something you must do before you can live again,'   I looked up abruptly but the man just nodded and pointed at the ground again. 'You must face your fears'  I looked behind me again but the man was gone. And so was the message. I sat down and started to think. What was my worst fear.......?

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