How's mine valentine

This is about two directioner best friends that have been planing there vacation on the beach of a long time. Nothing was going to get in the way. Nothing.


2. what makes you beautiful


Ashley's P.O.V


I ran down the beach and ran into the boy I was looking for. I stood up and helped him up he was rubbing his hair and I said "sorry bout that" god Ashley you couldn't have said something cooler? I mentally scolded myself for being lame. "it's ok" he said and flashed me that smile. I melted. How is he this perfect.?


Louis's P.O.V


I was taking off after Harry when this girl runs into me. And I'm glad it was her because she was georgous. We chatted for a while before I learned her name was Ashley. Wow beautiful. We ended up walking down the beach, back to the shooting spot and there were people yelling at me saying" hurry up Louis!" I sighed. "I gotta go" then I rolled my eyes nd she giggled. "but if you stay right here I'll be all yours after, ok?" I said she nodded and I was carried away. And I caught one last glance of her beautiful hair.

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