How's mine valentine

This is about two directioner best friends that have been planing there vacation on the beach of a long time. Nothing was going to get in the way. Nothing.


1. beach day suprise

Hannah's P.O.V


finally after 5 years of waiting my best friend Ashley and I are finally on santa Monica beach. We open the car door and run into the water. It's warm but cools you down unlike the hot,California sun. We play around when I get and idea. I run back to the car and grab my surf board. I turn around and accidentally smack a guys with my board. Great going Hannah.

"I am so sorry." I say, while helping him up.

"it's fine" he says. Wait a second I reconise that voice any where. Coud it be ? He looks in to my eyes and I try not to freak out. I just hit THE harry styles in the head with a surf smooth.

"what are you doing here?" I ask not trying to sound noisy.

"I'm just here with the lads filming What Makes You Beautiful" he says with a smile. I open my mouth to speak when Ashley runs up to me a stops. Her eyes go big.

" wait if your here, then where is Louis?"she asks clearly hiding her excitement. Which is hard for both of us since we're both directioners.

"he's down the beach." Harry says while pointing to the left. I down have a chance to say anything before she is halfway down the beach and full sprinting. I glance at Harry and burst out laughing.


Harry's P.O.V


I grab her hand and a board.

"you are going to teach me how to surf." we put our boards down on the beach and she says". Make sure you're not next to the waves or they'll wash you down. Lie belly-down on the board so that your body is lined up straight down the middle of the board. You should have a couple of inches between your feet and the back end of the board.Put your board down on the sand and practice the paddling motion and getting up before you head out on the water.To get up, you lie in the middle of the board, with your hands on either side of you near your chest. In one quick, explosive motion, push your body up with your arms and bring your feet to where your waist used to be. Depending on which foot comes naturally in front, you'll be either a "regular" or "goofyfoot." Regular means that your left foot is in front, goofyfoot means your right foot is.When you're ready to go out in the waves, walk your board out until you're about waist- or chest-deep, then lie on your stomach on the board and paddle (using your arms the same way as when you swim freestyle) straight into the waves. Do not get going sideways even a little bit or the waves will knock you over. Stay perpendicular to the oncoming waves.Turn the board (and yourself) around by paddling hard on the side that you want to turn away from. So, if you want to turn to your right, paddle hard with your left hand on your left side. Remember to keep your body straight and far back on the board. (Depending on how well you balance you could also try sitting on the board. To do this, slide yourself up from the lying position to a lower part on the board, with your feet dangling over the sides of your board. Keep your hands in front of you, smack dab in the middle of the board to keep your balance. To turn yourself, paddle your ankles/feet/calves in circles to go either way).

Now the waves are coming from behind you. Don't let them take you by surprise! That could be very dangerous. Turn your head and watch for them. Sitting up on your board will help you keep better track of the waves. When you see one about to break start paddling. You want to try to get the wave before it breaks, so you have time to get up on the board.When you get the feel for the speed of the wave and it begins to break, go through the motions that you practiced on the sand. Crouch slowly and stand quickly. You will probably slide off, but do not be deterred. You will eventually get it. Try standing on your knees for the first few tries to get the feel for it.It will take some time to find your center of balance for paddling and sitting, but it will come eventually. Obviously, if you're too far forward on the board, the nose, or front tip, will sink. But, if you're too far back, you can't paddle as well. Make sure that before you're even thinking of surfing, that you are proficient in swimming." wow that's a lot, but I'll give it a go.

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