A Doll is perfection, submission and a companion for life...


6. Chapter 6

The image of Romero played over in her mind. Again. And again. And each time she could see the clarity of how the end of his lips curled up into a crude smile.



White rage erupted in her, pooling heavily through her state causing her to shake like her entire body was due for a secondary eruption.

You.’ Rasped Mia as she pointed at Phoenix with a finger that was beginning to resemble a vicious spear. ‘You knew about this.’

Cool, composed and wearing a solid mask of infallibility Phoenix blinked slowly at her. The muscles around his throat twitched slightly, his mouth frozen as his lips were neither tightly pressed together or too apart but were rather sitting awkwardly on top of each other. Mia didn’t even wait for a reply if Phoenix was ever planning one, but rather cut into her own words.

Don’t even bother talking to me.’ She whispered dangerously as she whipped her body away from him and strode to her parlour. She glanced back momentarily, and saw his expression darken over as he stood in thought.

The nerve he had. The sheer nerve! This anger that was welling up inside of her was making her body shake; she knew she would do something stupid if she stayed in the room with him. This was it. Mia knew it, she had to escape as quickly as she could, and somehow, someway, tonight she would figure out a plan.

Still, she needed to get her anger out before she could even think coherent thoughts to plan her escape, and within moments of seeing her Amazonian and uncontrollable frizz-of-a-ball hair she plonked herself in front of her parlour dressing table and began to furiously rake through her hair.

It hurt, yes it hurt, but the question was- what was hurting? Was it her head from the copious amount of raking and pulling out of hairs? Or was it this incredulous act where Mia was to meet her abductor.

‘Put down that brush young lady!’

Mia shrieked as soon as she heard the voice. She dropped the brush and simultaneously jumped up to face the direction of the voice. A tall buxomly woman with her auburn hair in a loose bun stood facing her with her hands on her hips. She wore an outfit which Mia described as… Loud. Very loud. Almost offensive even with the bright colours that clashed but somehow worked. Mia straightened her back, her feelings of anger subsiding to curiosity with flecks of fear.

‘Who are you?’ Burst a sudden exclamation which even took Mia by surprise. The woman smiled, her immaculately shaped eyebrows rising with it.

‘Sylvine, charmed to meet you Miss.’ She said in reply with a silky voice that had a profoundly Scottish accent. Sylvine held out a hand to Mia, expecting her to shake it, however the response was quite not what she expected as Mia shrunk away.

‘My my my, this is not the same girl that I have been hearing about for the past two days. A lot fierier and passionate, not docile as a bunny rabbit.’

‘What do you want?’ Croaked Mia silently as she slid back down to sit in front of her dresser. Sylvine crouched down low and picked up the brush which looked considerably more hairy than before and examined it with her lustrous brown eyes.

‘Firstly I am barring you from ever brushing your hair, and secondly I am here to do your makeup. Courtesy of your Master.’ She chuckled lightly after mentioning the ‘m’ word that Mia was coming to despise.

Was this a pre-planned thing? Or a ploy to calm her down from Phoenix? Other than that, she had her own makeup artist. That was cool. No complaints about that, it probably explained the lack of cosmetics she had in the first place.

‘Oh and thirdly.’ Interjected Sylvine with a thoughtful expression. ‘I’m going to teach you how to apply makeup the way your master wants you to. So you will be seeing me around a lot more than you want.’

And there was the catch though Mia. Having no choice in how she was to wear her make-up. A decision put in place by her master.

Phoenix was dropping lower on her favourite’s list- if he had ever been there on the first place. She thought of his plan and she grew incensed.

Sylvine had carted in a large black holdall and an equally large black bag which lay forlornly by Sylvine’s side. Mia eyed both items suspiciously, and continued to do so even when Sylvine unzipped the suitcase to show an array of compartments with cosmetics and other things.

‘So my deary.’ She said casually as she steered Mia to face her on the chair. Mia protested but found her body abiding to Sylvine’s whims.

She was strong. Bloody hell. If she ever was to have to use force, she might just break Mia into pieces.

She held Mia’s chin and delicately turned it from side to side which surprised Mia as she winced expecting to get whiplash. Mia tentatively looked into Sylvine’s speculative and intelligent eyes.  She looked away right away after she raised her eyebrow, feeling even more awkward and fearful from before. Mia swallowed nervously wondering whether Sylvine would actually do her makeup or just intimidate her and make her feel weird with her manner.

Sylvine mumbled something under her breath and fumbled around the suitcase full of cosmetics, and then finally the bag where she pulled out a bag of pink hair rollers, a hairdryer, brushes and several bottles of something which Mia guessed was hair products. ‘Your master eh?’ She said casually as she ran her hands through Mia’s hair which was making her shrug uncomfortably. She wanted to pull away, but it was a bad idea considering her hair was in Sylvine’s hands. ‘A dishy fellow isn’t he?’

Oh dear Lord. Thought Mia sourly in her mind. If this was her idea of calming Mia in order to allow her to work her ‘expertise’ that was not going to work. Mia nervously cleared her breath, a clear indicator that she was uncomfortable with the topic, hoping that maybe she would drop the topic. Sylvine tittered lightly under her breath.

‘Not a fan of him eh? He’s quite something that young man. I’ve been working for him for quite some time and I could swear he grows younger every day. Must be all you young ladies eh?’ She ended with a risqué tone which made Mia feel even more uncomfortable than before. Her Scottish charm was definitely not working, and Mia simply hoped that her makeup skills were. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror- even if she wanted to. She was practically pinned to her position, perhaps more out of fear than physical force.

‘Your makeup will be light today. Phoenix told me you have a rash, so I’m going to try my best and use as little makeup as possible. Might not be what your Master wants, but hey it will help you in the long run.’

Mia grunted lightly in response and found herself nodding off as she did her hair. She had no clue how long she had dozed off for, but woke with a start when Sylvine tapped her on her cheek.

‘Easy there sugar.’ Mumbled Sylvine as she stood up and stretched her back. ‘Oh and you were given these.’

She pointed to something behind Mia on top of her dresser. Groggily, Mia blinked, and thought twice about rubbing her eyes; she turned around and found a glass of water with two small tablets.

Ah her antihistamines. She had forgotten about those, and it looked like this was Phoenix’s peace offering. Uh-huh, not gonna work. Nonetheless she downed them and relinquished the taste of the water. She had completely forgotten her ‘extreme makeover’ and blinked at her own face and hair when she caught her own reflection. She looked like some classic beauty, like Audrey Hepburn except a lot softer with hair that was tied up and spun around in coils over one shoulder.

She caught Sylvine’s satisfied expression in the mirror’s reflection and gave her an awkward smile.

‘...Thanks… I guess.’

‘You’re expected downstairs, you best be off now. Go break some hearts.’

Mia rolled her eyes at her remark and slid off the chair. After realising she only had one pair of footwear- those silk pumps- she pulled them on and made her way out of the room into the bedroom.

Surprised, Phoenix stood by the door wearing an elegant gold mask and a demure expression underneath.

Her anger and indignation welled up inside her once more, her mind set on ignoring him and disobeying him for the decision he had made. Bad enough he had bought her, even worse that he was making her spend the day with her capturer.

Mia ignored him, and strolled past him, taking care to look straight ahead and not catch his eyes. She had almost cleared him when her arm was violently grabbed and she found herself pulled back. Before Mia could utter a gasp or a scream a hand was clapped over her mouth and her body immobilised.

‘I don’t know what is wrong with you today, but even I have my limits with putting up with your constantly shifting moods.’ Rasped Phoenix’s voice against Mia’s ear sending ripples of dormant fear and hatred to flood through her. ‘Even if I have no control over you today, don’t even begin thinking that Romero doesn’t. If you don’t behave Puppet, you will have to be disciplined, and Romero is a lot harsher than I.’

She could have sworn she heard a hint of pain, or a falter in his voice when he mentioned Romero, but his face did not match. A renegade tear rolled out of Mia’s eye, and Phoenix let her go. He looked over his shoulder, and Mia could only guess he was watching out for the woman called Sylvine.

He looked back to her, his sharp eyes scanning her as he wiped away the single tear with a gloved hand.

Mia’s dislike was now replaced with her initial fear of him. How could he be so kind one moment and so cruel the next?

‘You stand aside me, and walk with me until we meet with Romero. Then you sit with him and remain by his side until the end of the day.’

She replied with hurt silence and dormant resentment. He had shocked her into obedience and she could feel the fear surging up and down in the depths of her stomach making her feel ill.

He walked outside his room, and turned to look over his shoulder as Mia slowly dithered behind. The glare he gave her was enough to send her heart lurching to her throat.

This was not good. She was beginning to feel really scared. How was she ever going to escape? Sullenly she followed him down the stairs of his home to the front hall and through another pair of doors to a small, but lavish sitting area. It was simple and clean, a nice selection of deep mahogany furnishings contrasting with crisp neutral shades. There was a large red Persian rug in front of the stoked fire with a Victorian chaise and several armchairs with dusky beige upholstery.  And as Mia tilted her head up to glance beyond the area with the fireplace, her eyes were stolen and pulled to focus onto the frosty blue depths of Romero’s. Something sinister glinted in his eyes that were far away, and suddenly Mia felt that staying aside with Phoenix would be a much better and safer idea.

Romero unfurled his long body and stood up with a dismissive air as he placed both hands into his trouser pockets and gave Mia and Phoenix a once over. He wore a very expensive looking suit with crisp cut lines that conveyed an image of someone who enjoyed having a presence. And that he did as Mia was unable to take his eyes off him despite the loathing she felt for him.

‘Why hello there Doll number 05455. You are much more unique in person than on screen.’

The tone he addressed her in filled Mia with distaste. She eyed him with evident disgust in which he replied with a raise of his eyebrow.

A moment passed and Phoenix pressed on with greetings as though Romero hadn’t even spoken.

‘Good to see you, Romero…’ Spoke Phoenix tautly with a voice that seemed constricted of any emotion and a plain smile on his lips. Mia wondered why Phoenix was acting so odd towards him today. He had seemed to get on a little too well with him in the car.

Romero grinned widely in response and walked over taking Phoenix into a large embrace. Even Mia could see how perplexed Phoenix was under the mask. That was an awkward gesture. But what was unnerving was the fact Romero had his eyes fixated on Mia the entire time.

‘Looking handsome as ever Phoenix and with the mask too. Has your Doll even seen your face yet eh?’

The ends of Phoenix’s lips turned up to give him a small smile as Romero released him.

‘Yes she has. But of course by the end of the day she might end up being more attracted to you.’

Romero laughed heartily at Phoenix’s jesting, his long dark hair rippling over his shoulders as his misty blue eyes settled on Mia once more. She shuddered.

‘I don’t like you…’ Whispered Mia silently under her breath as she found herself shuffling backwards.

‘Sir.’ Projected a voice from a door. Nico stood in the doorway with a glum expression as Phoenix and Romero turned to face him. ‘You have a phone call.’

Phoenix turned and apologised cordially to Romero.

‘I won’t be too long. Puppet, please make Romero feel at home.’ There was a sharp edge to the end of that sentence, and Mia guessed even Romero could have heard that. Make Romero feel at home. Darned if she was going to make the same asshole that had got her in this situation in the first place feel at home. Phoenix left the room, and immediately the warning lights began to flash in Mia’s head as she found herself alone with Romero.

‘So, Puppet has Phoenix been treating you well?’

The way he spoke to her was as though he was a starved lion circling a wounded wildebeest. She felt apprehension and fear as he swiftly came closer to her and began to examine her with a curiosity which Mia could only describe as being incredibly morbid.

‘Sylvine did a good job, shame about how light the makeup is. I personally prefer the porcelain look, but this suits you well. Very very well.’

She quaked under his gaze, her eyes darting everywhere. Where the hell was Phoenix? He was taking his damn time with his phone call. Mia didn’t care about how roughly he had treated her before, but she wanted him to be here. A part of her believed that he would guard her against Romero, as she was his. Her nerves must have become more apparent.

‘You look a little nervous; did Phoenix say something about me to you?’ Continued Romero as his gaze wandered down her face to of course the more prominent areas of her body.

Mia glanced up, pulling away, glaring at him.

‘Leave me alone.’ She hissed silently.

‘Excuse me? What did you say?’ He enquired in a playful manner.

‘I said, leave me alone you asshole.

He placed a hand on his chest and clutched onto it and feigned a painful expression.

‘Oh such harsh words!’ He dropped the expression and replaced it with a more sinister one. ‘Like it or not my little Kitten, you are going to be around me all day long, and tomorrow, and the day after and maybe even the day after that. There’s no escaping me.’

He dropped his voice to a deeper silky tone.

‘And you know what, whilst I am here, you will have to obey me. There’s no point running to Phoenix as I have control over his decisions.’

Obey him. She grew incensed, some her fighting power returned after his remark absorbed in her mind. She was not a plaything.

‘What is the problem with you guys?’ Snapped Mia angrily. ‘I have my own free will, with you or not I will decide what I want to do, you can’t force me.’

‘Is that so?’ Challenged Romero as he advanced upon her. His monotonous periwinkle eyes were devouring her; Mia was melting away into fear, her fighting spirit quailing. ‘So tell me, has Phoenix been treating you well?’

‘What do you define as well?’ Breathed Mia as she realised Romero was closing the gap between them. She backed away, and soon found herself pressing her back against the wall.

He let out a slow drawling chuckle.

‘I’ve always liked you Mia, from the first day I reviewed your case as a potential Doll, I have liked you. Such a shame I wasn’t the one who was able to purchase you.’

Damn right you didn’t purchase me. Thought Mia angrily. She hadn’t even realised that she was willingly accepting the fact she belonged to Phoenix. It was anything in order to stop this bastard Romero’s advances on her.

‘Well sucks to be you.’ Replied Mia smarmily. He was closer to her now, and Mia could smell wine on his breath and other spices from his body. Was he drunk? It was likely as beyond she could see a glass of red wine on the small table aside the chair he was sat upon.

He now stretched out his arm, settling it against the wall, just above Mia’s shoulder. He was dangerously close to her.

‘So tell me, if Phoenix has been gentleman enough to not fuck you senseless, then has he at least kissed you?’

Appalled by his choice of words and his suggestion, Mia replied with an expression that looked shocked enough to write novels let alone a few choice words.

What!?’ She finally screeched shrilly after her mind had processed what he had said, and just at that moment she heard footsteps come towards the doorway. Instantly she ducked under his outstretched arm and darted away from him. Her heart was ready to explode, furious tears were threatening to fall for no reason at all, and as Phoenix walked through the door Mia resisted all urges to run up to him to clutch onto his arm and bawl like a small child. No. She didn’t need him. She could deal with this on her own.

Dignified she stood and blinked away the pooling tears. How could she even tell Phoenix what was going on? She didn’t trust him anymore and it seemed like he was just as reluctant. Regardless, Mia focused all her attention on the surroundings of the room, and pretended that she was curious about the ornaments on the fireplace. She did not even dare to look at where Romero was. She did not even know whether he was still in the same position she had left him, all she cared was that he was far away. Far far away.

‘Ah Phoenix, I thank you for the glass of wine, but I’d rather have some tea.’ Romero’s voice had floated up from the same chair Mia had first seen him in. She had no clue how he had managed to resume his previous position as though the previous events didn’t happen. Nor was she willing to care about it. Mia glanced down at his listless figure and then to Phoenix who stood adjusting his cufflinks.

‘If you are hungry we can serve you lunch?’ Suggested Phoenix.

‘I had a large meal on the way here. Don’t think I could do with lunch. How about we have tea eh? What do you think Doll?’ His reply was so offhand Phoenix practically glared at Mia to reply.

‘Yes.’ She replied through gritted teeth hating Phoenix’s intense glare on her, and for not knowing what was going on. Phoenix eyed her peculiarly for a moment trying to figure out her hesitance in her replies.

‘Then it is settled!’ Said Romero with exuberance. ‘A nice little tea for Dolly and me.’

Oh hell no. She was not going to be alone with Romero again. No. No. No. No. No.

‘I want Phoenix to be there.’ Blurted out Mia suddenly and fiercely that she disregarded any reactions from either of the two males in the room.

‘So be it.’ Waved off Romero using a hand motion which Mia thought made him look like a pompous high-class idiot with more money than morals.

Romero was calling the shots here today. Phoenix had allowed him to have power over him today, and it looked like he was running things in Phoenix’s household.

Within ten minutes, an assortment of cakes and biscuits and other sweet and savoury foods were brought into the room on a large carved glass trolley. A beautiful and elongated porcelain teapot was on the top tray with three equally as gorgeous cups and saucers. Mia was directed to sit on a Victorian chaise with Romero, and despite the constant glares Phoenix was giving her, she was keeping a comfortable gap from him. Mia was feeling too much on edge to eat or even drink tea, but found herself giving into a pink frosted fondant cupcake that Romero neatly placed on his saucer and offered to her. Begrudgingly she snatched it and took a small bite, her eyes focused on the floor as she chewed. She was given tea in a cup different to that of Phoenix’s or Romero’s, but didn’t complain. All she cared about was not sharing a cup of tea with Romero. The idea of her lips touching the same area that his lips had touched was making her flesh creep.

Nico appeared in the doorway once more, the expression in his voice a lot more tired than before.


Shit. Thought Mia.

Phoenix excused himself immediately and Mia felt in danger immediately. The house staff had left the room and were no doubt busying themselves doing other stuff than keeping an eye on Mia.

‘So, where were we before?’ Pondered Romero thoughtfully with a finger resting on his chin. Mia edged farther away from him.

‘We were nowhere in fact.’ She replied icily with a hint of fear leaking in.

Shit. Shit. Shit. The bastard was thinking of doing something and the look in his eyes was saying it was something that was not good. Mia found herself right against the edge of the couch, and upon realising so, she suddenly found herself pushed down by Romero, his body weight pressing down upon her and both her arms pinned by one hand.

‘No!’ She whispered softly. Her voice had diminished to nothing. She wanted to call out.

‘So delicate.’ He whispered silkily as his dark hair lapped over his bent head and trailed against Mia’s neck. Shock rolled through Mia like a series of thunderstorms. She couldn’t scream even if she wanted to, but found herself having an out of body experience looking upon her shocked body. ‘It really broke my heart when I was forced to shock you in the preparation chambers. Seeing your naked body lie there twitching in agony…’

He was the voice she heard in the rooms. He was the one who had shocked her.

Fury should had bubbled and frothed in her but she found herself getting more and more lost in her own mind, chained to her conscious and unable to move a limb.

‘But, Kitten, I still stand by the fact that if you misbehave like that again, I will discipline you. And it will not be a simple shock as before. I can do much worst my dear, much worst, and your body will never know how it would feel like to be normal ever again.’

She was petrified by him. Phoenix’s threats were idle in comparison to his, and the fact that he now held her in this compromising position showed just how dangerous he was.

Why was this happening to her? Every series of events that had occurred in the past two days were nothing but unlucky. She was stuck in the unfortunate predicament, forced to be something she wasn’t and now she was going to be violated by the same person who violated her way of life in the first place.

His hand reached under her dress and immediately Mia’s reflexes kicked in with her knee colliding with his body.

It seemed like her body was refusing to allow him to have sex with her. No one was going to have sex with her against her own will. No one.

It didn’t impact him at all to Mia’s surprise, but it momentarily made him dither. He froze for a moment and then retracted his hand, his eyes knotted with dark thoughts.

‘Foolish idea anyway.’ He breathed as he looked up towards the doorway, his bored blue eyes flashing. ‘Well since I can’t be the first to take your virginity, then at least I can be the first to take this away from Phoenix.’

Mia couldn’t fight him off and found his lips planted firmly upon hers.

And what stunned her more was the fact she relented to him after a moment’s struggle. 

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