A Doll is perfection, submission and a companion for life...


5. Chapter 5


Night. The time of day when the body recuperates, rests and regenerates itself for the next day. The mind eases into a series of disjointed parallels with day and projects imagery so strong that the senses are tricked into believing that what is seen as reality is in fact a deception.

With eyes open wide, brain overworking itself, Mia stared up at the canopy of the bed. Only thin slivers of moonlight provided enough light for Mia to see the thin indiscriminate wavy patterns that trailed up and down the fabric.

Her body was curled up and pushed near to the edge of the bed, if she was budged even slightly she would fall off, but luckily Phoenix was nowhere near her. She was drained, weary and overly exasperated from her day and found herself rounding on the edge of tears. Her shock collar was chafing slightly, making it even more uncomfortable  sleeping and despite trying to furiously wrench it off, all she did was make her neck hurt even more. She recounted her day, a deep pit in her stomach widening and become more infinite.

Waking to a series of events which she classified as painful nightmares, being sold, finding herself in a foreign country, with a foreign man (although Mia was not sure whether Phoenix was foreign or not judging from his articulate British accent) and being forced into a new way of living as this man’s plaything.

Be dressed by your master she thought with the same unaffected tone Nico used.

Bathe with your master. Eat with your master. Sleep with your master- hopefully not literally.

Mia thought it just about time when they would spring ‘go to the toilet with your Master’ on her.

Phoenix stirred and her body position went stiff. Though it was a stupid thing to voice to herself in her thoughts, Mia found Phoenix on some levels to be very intriguing, and having this opportunity devoid of those amber eyes constantly fixated on Mia allowed her the chance to tentatively examine his face.

She turned on her side to face him and peered at this man who was sleeping soundly with his lips pressed neatly and his eyes gently closed. It still shocked her to be looking at his face finally after all that time; though she had an inkling what he was going to look like, nothing prepared her for the full whammy she got. Phoenix looked like he was in his thirties, and with an emerging shadow of stubble around his pressed mouth. He looked like one of those attractive young businessmen who balanced a high powered career and a young doting girlfriend or wife at the same time- and perhaps had frequent trysts with his blonde secretary, if he had one.

She knew the type all too well from movies.

She had a lot to learn about him yet, about this whole ‘Doll’ business. But there was something about him that was reserved, inexplicable and that beguiled Mia, but it scared her at the same time. Maybe it was the power he had, the status or perhaps even more the wealth- as who would willingly spend over a million on a girl?

It frightened her that there was this whole new world that no one knew of, and for how long had this ‘Doll’ thing had been going on filled her with even more doubt about Phoenix and the people she had seen in that room during that auction. She wondered if Phoenix had other ‘Doll’s’ before Mia, as she remembered that Romero guy being surprised at the fact Phoenix had bought her. Thinking that Phoenix bought her still made Mia feel like a prostitute; despite the fact he insisted a ‘Doll’ was nothing like one. She edged forward slightly, listening to the light puffs of air escaping through Phoenix’s mouth and nose. She watched how his hair fell in a certain way that although it looked messy, it still made him look composed which she began to hate. She chewed the insides of her cheek as she shifted away from him. She could feel the danger sensors setting off if she remained looking at him any longer- even though she knew she could have stared at his face for another hour, still being unable to fathom that this man was Phoenix and then she would have started to stupidly wonder whether he had surgery on his nose or not or had something done to his face to make it look so faultless.

He moved again, his lips moving silently as his arm projected outside the duvet and landed on directly on Mia’s shoulder. Like a drop of water falling into still water she felt fear slowly spread to the tips of her body. How the hell was she ever going to sleep? She lifted his arm and shifted it uneasily, hoping he would not wake up; all while pulling her shirt down.

‘Sleep Mia, dammit.’ She whispered to herself as the tell tale signs of a night on the brink of day filtered into the room. ‘Hopefully when I wake this was all a dream…’

It took her a moment to switch off her brain, but within a minute she was deeply asleep.


By the time Mia woke in the morning, she found herself snuggled up to Phoenix’s broad chest with his hand clasped firmly over her breast and one hand resting on the side of her face. Cold sunlight was attempting to breach the curtains but was barricaded off by the thick grey linings as she realised the room was lighter.

She rolled herself away from him, still half in a dream and half in real time.

It took a moment for her to orient herself, and immediately it dawned upon her. She was trapped, collared and in a bed with a man who called himself her Master. Panic began to steady boil.

‘Oh God… This is all real…’ She whispered to herself as she touched the uncomfortable shock collar as she instantaneously began to pinch herself.

It was not a dream, and this could have not horrified her even more now that she realised she was so far away from home. She checked her wrist for the time but found she had no watch and then patted herself down expecting to find her mobile phone. She shook once she realised she had nothing; she was stripped of everything; made to be some material object that was being forced to be something she wasn’t. She began to cry, silently at first, before the banks burst and it turned into heart wrenching sobs.

Her flatmates were unaware of where she was, and even though Mia was broken off from her family, she knew that even they would soon realise she had gone missing. What the hell was she going to do? Who was this man? What was happening to her?

Phoenix had woken by the time Mia’s sobs had become uncontrollable. He sat up with a puzzled expression, the sheets falling into a majestic heap under his toned muscular chest as he rubbed his eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ He reached forward to hold onto Mia’s wrist. Mia turned, and from the frozen expression that had drawn over Phoenix’s face she knew her distressed state had startled him.

‘Get your fucking hands off me!’ She screamed as she tore his hand away, and launched herself out the bed to press against the wall. With bewilderment that momentarily crossed his face he stared at her, unable to fathom the sudden change that Mia had undergone.

‘Look, Puppet, calm down.’

‘I am NOT your fucking ‘Puppet’ I am Mia! MY NAME IS MIA! MIA! MIA! MIA!’

He had sprung up from the bed, his forehead furrowing as he tentatively tried to approach her, hands up as though in surrender as in a soothing voice he attempted to calm her down.

‘Okay, look, what’s wrong?’

‘Take me back to my home!’ Sobbed Mia weakly as screaming had drained all her fighting energy. ‘I wanna go back home…’ She slunk down against the wall and sat with her head in her knees, trying to contain her tears as she wiped them away with her sleeve.

Phoenix watched Mia closely, and she could see him continuing to do so as he threw on a robe and lightly made his way towards her.

‘I want to go back home to my life. I don’t want to be here.’

‘Listen to me.’ He began in a soothing voice as he crouched down a metre in front of her. ‘You are safe here, I am not going to harm you and you will soon realise that living here with me is much better than being at your home.’ He paused, his eyes directly focused on her with golden intent. ‘Think about it this way, everything happens for a reason right?’

Mia peered up, tears blurring before she wiped them away. She could not think straight. Was he trying to use some reverse psychology on her to make her calm down and accept everything? She didn’t know. Nor was she going to give it enough time to make her care.

‘Think about your life before you met me.’ He spoke in mellow tones.

The knot in her stomach tightened and she began to feel queasy as she recalled her life which seemed all so distant.

She was currently unemployed, her full-time job had been axed the following month due to government cuts and she was having no luck finding a new one. On impulse, Mia decided to pay for an expensive course on writing with foolish hopes that she would produce a novel that would sustain the rent for a year. Mia knew that she only had enough money to pay for two more months rent, after that, she would probably have to ask some friends to put her up for a month or so until she could find herself a new job. Thinking about her life in the perspective Phoenix had provided made it look unliveable, in a way she realised that being with him was benefitting her. She had a roof over her head, food, clothes and hot water, and she was being well looked after, and that was all if she overlooked the ‘rules’ of being one of Phoenix’s playthings.

‘I am sure…’ He continued. ‘I am sure you will realise living here will make you happy.’

‘No it won’t.’ She croaked hoarsely as her mouth spilled all her mind’s speculative thoughts. ‘I am trapped here against my will; my basic human rights have been violated by you. How can I be happy with the person who abducted me? Tell me? Tell me then!’ She demanded with angry tears now falling. ‘You are a sick bastard...’ She said standing up with tears pouring in her eyes. ‘I don’t want to be here and you’re trying to convince me that I should stay. I have been abducted, stripped down, paraded around practically naked and then sold to you. And here you are trying to convince me that I should accept my situation and be happy.’

She lowered her voice, the pain in her chest and the sick feeling in her gullet fuelling her tears further.

‘I hope you suffer. I truly do. Then you’ll know how I feel.’

She knew she shouldn’t have said that. That last comment was taking it too far despite it all being true.

Phoenix’s demeanour changed from kind to cold in an instant, and Mia began to feel fear slowly replace her distress. She wanted to take back what she said, she was regretting ever retorting to him, and after all that weighing out of her life options with him, she certainly did not want to piss him off now. He could do worst,  a lot worst than she thought.

‘Phoenix…’ She whispered reproachfully in a confused daze. There was an abrupt shift in mood in the room; the sun had hidden temporarily behind a cloud stealing any golden cheer that was seeping through the curtains.

‘Soon we will have our breakfast in this room. Following that, you will be measured for this evening’s dress and will be educated by Nicolai.’

His demeanour had become steely, emotionless, like those automated voices you would hear on the answer phone. Mia had thrown back the little bit of humanity that Phoenix showed towards her right in his face. She knew her hot-headedness and loose-tongue would get her in trouble someday, but she wished that it wasn’t this. She decided against her little internal struggle of trying to get her way with her new lifestyle today and decided to oblige to whatever Phoenix wanted her to do. With limits of course. Mia wasn’t exactly going to throw herself at his feet now that he was majorly pissed off with her just to make things better. And she would have to remind herself that he still owned the remote to the shock collar around her neck.

She bit her tongue and shut off any more tears as she got up, Phoenix had gone to the bathroom, and had not bothered to acknowledge Mia in any way.

Shit, thought Mia. Caught between the decision of ‘screw him’ and ‘I’m screwed’ she decided that in some way she was going to have to mend bridges as soon as she could. Her anger and fear of being in this place was still strong and her suspicions about him were refusing to fade.

Obediently she went over to the bed and sat down on it, and then thinking it was a right thing to do, she decided to make the bed. After making it look moderately presentable-and being proud of the fact she actually bothered to make a bed- Mia sat back down, her eyes fixed on the sliding door, waiting for Phoenix to return. Five minutes passed, and Mia found herself anxiously stood by the doors, wringing her hands and rubbing the skin around her collar. He finally slid the door back and peered at her mildly.

‘I’ve drawn you a bath.’ He said placidly. ‘Your towel is on the side rail next to mine.’

Mia looked down and touched her hand to the collar, the skin around it feeling raw from itching and rubbing at it. ‘I can’t take off your collar. It is waterproof though.’

She just hoped she was not going to get shocked in the bath tub.

Suddenly he took Mia’s hand off from her neck and held it away from her as he turned her chin to face away.

‘Hold on…’ He murmured as Mia began to breathe irregularly and fidget. She fought the urge to hit him out of reflex. ‘You have a rash. Are you allergic to anything?’

She turned her head a millimetre, momentarily forgetting her anger and placed a hand on her neck to feel an army of bumps cascading down from her neck which she hadn’t noticed before. Without warning, Phoenix began to unbutton the shirt she was wearing, and slid it down to reveal her shoulders. She suppressed a gasp as he swept her hair away from the back of her neck and tugged the shirt lower as she felt his fingers lightly trace a pathway of pimples down her back.

‘I’m-I’m-I-’ Spluttered Mia as she tensed up. ‘Some… Makeup… Types…’

Without word he took her into the bathroom where the light streamed through the curtain less windows more brightly. It was a lot warmer in the bathroom as the bath tub was filled halfway with steaming hot water which sent curling spirals of vapour to rise in the air.

‘Take off your clothes.’ He ordered without inflection or expression on his face. Mia froze. Not this again… She suppressed an exasperated need to cry out, to scream and stubbornly stood in front of him gawping.

Now.’ He commanded in a voice which told Mia that if she didn’t do it, then he was.

Reluctantly, she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons to the shirt. She hesitated and let the shirt fall to the ground. She covered her arm over breasts modestly and looked to the floor abashed. There was no way in hell she was going to let him examine her as he did in the car.

‘All of it.’ Ordered Phoenix once more as Mia sent him a perplexed expression and turned her back from him. It was as though he knew Mia was not going to fight for now, and because of that he was going to take advantage of this situation and have his way. Mia filled with dread as she peeled the socks off her feet and agonisingly pulled the tightly knotted underpants down her hips.

Completely naked she stood with her back towards him, her hands protectively guarding her chastity.

She heard him curse silently under his breath as she could feel his eyes alight a burning trail down her back.

‘It’s bad. Your rash has gone all the way down your back. Stay here for a moment; I’m going to get someone to pop down to the chemist to get some antihistamine cream for you.’

He left the room, and she heard the bedroom door swing open before shutting momentarily, and Mia immediately darted to get a towel to cover her.

Phoenix seemed to know Mia’s body better than she knew it herself by the amount of times he had seen her naked. This was getting habitual for him and Mia was never going to get used to it. Maybe this was just one of the things a Master liked doing with his Doll? She still thought it was wrong and far too sexual.

Phoenix returned, his mouth hard set and one hand trailing through his hair as his eyes drew up to Mia’s covered form.

‘Have your bath then.’

Mia stood frozen, one hand clasped around the overlapping cloth. Was he going to join her? What were his plans? If he was even thinking about washing her intimately he was better off getting another Doll.

‘Since you refused to bathe with me, I am going to assist washing you.’ He paused momentarily and added in a matter-of-fact tone. ‘Also considering the rash down your back.’

Man could deny it as much as they wanted, but they liked naked women, and even though Phoenix made it sound like he wanted nothing more but to wash her she had the feeling he would like to examine Mia’s ‘goods.’ She cursed her well-endowed chest that was odd for a girl with a petite frame. She nodded slowly in response to Phoenix, aware that arguing would just screw her over more. He was in control right now, and if she put a toe out of line she could easily put her life in some kind danger.

He held out his hand which Mia took sheepishly as he helped her into the bath; the balls of her feet tingling with happiness as it felt the warm water surround her. She allowed Phoenix to unravel the towel off her as she lowered herself down and allowed a gasp of bliss escape her as she felt the water ease around her body. She was scared at first, but she gradually lowered her neck into the water, submerging the collar to momentarily ease the itching and followed with her hair.

Phoenix watched her, his facial expression in some other dimension as he sat himself on the side of the bath and combed his fingers through Mia’s dark tresses. She closed her eyes, the gentle longing strokes of his fingers easing her into some kind of trance that relaxed her. She heard the snap of a bottle cap and felt his fingers ease some shampoo into her hair.

He placed both his hands on her shoulders and moved her to sit forward as she felt the smooth surface of a bar of soap slide across her neck and back. As if he knew she would protest, he handed the soap to her beckoning her to wash any other parts she was uncomfortable with him doing so.

He drained the water and removed all traces of shampoo in her hair with the shower head, and lightly sprinkled water on the front of her body. When he was done, Mia felt refreshed, and although she knew she could have done it more quickly herself she secretly enjoyed the feeling of Phoenix’s fingers trailing through her damp hair. She stood up, a cold draft setting her skin off in gooseflesh as Phoenix wrapped her in a fresh and larger navy blue towel from behind. She turned to face him, and found him giving her a distant tender gaze.

He blinked and the look vanished, but Mia continued to stare at him, becoming less and less sure of Phoenix’s character. Was he as vindictive as she made him out to be in her mind? He lifted her up from the bath tub and set her down and promptly left the bathroom, which Mia assumed was him giving her space to brush her teeth and do anything that was required in her morning routine. At least he was smart in that sense.

She came back out into his room and was greeted by Phoenix dressed in a shirt and smart trousers.

‘Clean clothes and underwear on the bed.’ He said gesturing to the bed where a rich pale gold dress lay with cream knitted leggings and another one of those ridiculous side-tying underpants. There was no doubt he was going to want to dress her, it was tit-for-tat in a way, nonetheless Mia found herself foolishly asking him.

‘Are you going to dress me?’

He was stood in front of a mirror, smoothing down his collars and stopped to turn at her to raise an arched eyebrow with a playful grin just dying to burst.

‘Are you going to let me?’

Shit. Thought Mia, she regretted her question right away and she knew her face was printed with it. An unexpected chorus of chuckles emerged from him.

‘Puppet… You look so worried.’ Although Mia hated it when he called her ‘Puppet’ a small insignificant part of her breathed a little sigh of relief when he called her that again. It seemed like he had in part forgiven her and she felt her shoulders fall lax. Nonetheless, she felt she should test the waters and keep herself aware.

‘Can I put on the underwear at least?’ She said before eyeing the leggings. ‘And the leggings.’ She added. And as though her body had had a permanent imprint from Phoenix’s lips touching the arch of her foot from before, she felt the same rapid sensation course right up her legs. Oh hell oh hell oh hell. Her face grew hot, and she prayed that Phoenix did not notice. This was not what she needed right now. She was supposed to be busy being pissed off for being bought by him and made into a toy.

He did survey her peculiarly for a while and then waved his hand in agreement. Rigidly, Mia went her way towards the bed and tugged on the underpants under the towel following with the leggings. Phoenix had his back turned from Mia and was looking in the mirror again as he fixed a deep blue cravat under his collar that was a rather nice colour. She had a feeling that most the time his eyes were focused on Mia’s reflected image than on himself and shuddered slightly. Whether it was in worry, a draft or something else, that was open to interpretations.

Still wrapped securely in her towel, she waited for Phoenix to finish up and dress her. She still thought it was stupid and did not really enjoy it but what could do? To much to her displeasure, she noted that she still was not provided with a bra, and if this carried on for any longer, she had a feeling her breasts would be sagging like an old woman’s before she hit twenty-three.

‘How’s your neck feeling?’ He asked as he stepped lightly over to Mia, the ends of his mouth curved as he gave her a faraway smile. It hit her when she stared at him. Deny she could not for any longer, Phoenix was… Fine, mighty fine and she was gaping without even realising.

‘I know I am handsome Puppet, but if your mouth gets any wider you might catch some crane flies in there.’

Mia clasped her mouth shut and felt her cheeks go red as she threw him a dirty look. She had better not be coming down with Stockholm syndrome so early.

‘You wish.’ She said darkly.

Still sending her the same dreamy smile he waived her retort and turned his head as he heard a knock on the door. Mia’s eye darted to the door and then to Phoenix- she was still in her towel and though she was strangely okay with Phoenix seeing her in this sort of state, she did not want anyone else to see her that way. She jumped off the bed, and without thinking, crouched down flat on the side of the bed that best obscured her.

She heard Phoenix open the door, talk briefly and then shut it. She did not want to dare to see whether he had invited someone else into the room and remained in her position until she heard a shuffling of feet in her direction.

‘Puppet?’ Called out Phoenix as he peered down at her trying his best to obscure a grin. She looked up embarrassed and noticed he held a small white paper bag. ‘Antihistamines. No cream, just tablets. Are you enjoying yourself down there?’

Scowling Mia grasped onto Phoenix’s hand that he held out and stood up.

‘Dress me.’ She mumbled in a tired voice as she stood with her back to him and removed her towel. Damned if he wanted to have a look at her boobs. He took a little longer than before to pull the dress over shoulders and zip her up, but she guessed it was because he was trying his hardest to not irritate her skin.

Her hair was still damp when she turned around and he playfully curled a strand of it around his fingers.

‘Let your hair dry naturally.’ Proposed Phoenix thoughtfully.

Mia knew her hair would go Amazonian if she allowed it to dry naturally, untameable like a lion. She groaned audibly. Phoenix hadn’t provided her with any serum or anything to sleek down her hair. Brilliant she thought, Tina Turner, get ready to eat your heart out.

Halfway through buffing her hair dry with her towel- Phoenix had miraculously allowed her to do that for herself- the door knocked again and a silver cart wheeled in.

Mia knew what it was, it was breakfast, and if breakfast lived up to how dinner was like, Mia secretly knew she would be bought by Phoenix’s lavish banquets.

She abandoned her towelling, her hair in a dishevelled and tangled mess and gave an eager grin in the direction of the food. Then her heart dropped when she saw the plastic plates and cutlery. She swore a continuous line of expletives in her head and plonked herself on the bed.

‘Nothing as great as dinner last night.’ Proclaimed Phoenix as he wheeled the cart parallel to where Mia was seated. ‘Just something light.’

Begrudgingly, Mia took her napkin, plate and cutlery and waited for Phoenix to sit next to her. Just as the night before, he chose the foods for her and this morning she was given toast with homemade jam, small segments of grapefruit and oranges and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Phoenix himself ate breakfast like a King, and made it look handsome. Though Mia wished she could have been more content, she decided to keep her mouth shut as Nico next strolled in through the bedroom doors. With an expression Mia deemed unreadable, he scanned the two and bowed.

‘Morning and sorry to interrupt Sir, but one of your guests has arrived earlier than expected.’

Phoenix brushed off any crumbs from his clothes and stood up regally with more profound purpose. ‘Do we go on with the lessons on Doll etiquette?’ Continued Nico with a glance in Mia’s direction.

Phoenix beckoned Nicolai and led him to the doorway, speaking in low undertones. Mia arched her neck, trying to guess what they were speaking about, but judging from the grim expression on Phoenix’s lips she knew it was not good. Nico left and Phoenix returned, his expression growing a tiny bit more grim with each step.

‘Today dear Puppet, we have special arrangements for you.’

‘And that is…?’

‘You will be having your lunch and dinner with Romero.’

Mia’s eyebrows rose faster than a bullet being fired from a gun. She certainly did not expect that.

‘Why?’ Exclaimed Mia as confusion rolled in on her steadily.

‘He has no Doll, and as a host, it would be befitting for the owner of the Doll Market to dine with the most expensive Doll he has ever sold.’

What?’ Blurted Mia. Romero owned the Doll Market? So that meant… That he was the one who had captured Mia and sold her…

Romero. And like an old black and white movie flickering to life she saw his face and lips move as he spoke the words: ‘And you too, Doll.’

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