A Doll is perfection, submission and a companion for life...


3. Chapter 3


The words that had rolled so effortlessly from Phoenix’s mouth stung Mia with terror. Play with her. And the only thing Mia could delegate from those words was that he was going to have sex with her- whether she wanted it or not.

She wasn’t going to have it. She wasn’t going to let some masked man indulge in his kinky fantasies with her dressed as some doll.

Mia placed her hands upon his, and he looked up at her with an indescribable glint in his eye, but within that moment Mia dug her nails into his skin and wrenched his hands away from her. Whilst he hissed in the reaction to the pain, Mia grabbed her discarded clothes to cover herself and began to bang furiously against the windows with her fist, hoping, just hoping that someone could see her or hear her. But it was fruitless, as Mia’s small hands were clashing against intensely thick bullet-proof glass. She raised her fists one more time, determined to even attract attention from the driver by banging it on the glass separator but found her hand caught in a vice like grip before having it twisted painfully behind her back.

‘Puppet.’ Breathed Phoenix in tested tones as he forced his body weight on top of her as to immobilise her. ‘The moment you became mine, is the same moment I am also allowed to discipline you.’ He traced his finger on the edges of the shock collar around her neck. She stared up at him, wincing in pain as she found herself gulping inadvertently at the brilliant intensity those golden irises now projected.

‘I don’t want to be your fucking blow-up doll.’ Said Mia through gritted teeth. She forced herself to be angry as to mask the growing fear of what he could do to her.

He pressed down harder on her, bringing his lips to her ears allowing the tips of feathers from his mask to brush her cheek.

‘You don’t have a choice.’ He breathed in response. ‘You are my flawless object of beauty and my companion. You are lucky I do not consider you as some sex object...’ He said his voice trailing off as Mia’s breath hitched in her throat. What did he want her for if not for sex? She closed her eyes tight wishing for him to ease his body weight off her. ‘…Nor do I wish to press a button on the small remote in my breast pocket to shock you into obedience.’

He lifted himself off Mia but kept her arms in his grip.

‘You will in time learn how to act like a Doll, and you will learn to enjoy the new life you have. I do not wish to hurt you, or force you to sleep with me; all I want is for you to be my companion.’

Mia frowned deeply, fighting against his grip.

‘Why don’t you just get a prostitute to give you companionship? Do a Pretty Woman, literally. Cost you cheaper as well.’ She whispered with a hint of malice. She watched for his expression and found an ironic smile curl on the edge of his lips.

‘Why keep someone who is after my money in the end of the day and nothing else? A Master and his Doll have a little bit more of a special relationship...’

Mia snorted; something she was sure that ruined her Doll-like façade- not like she cared anyway.

‘Someday my Puppet; you are going to learn you will not be able to live without me.’ He continued.

She fought the urge to roll her eyes but instead looked away from him, trying her best to hide her cynicism. Mia had realised that in part he was right. She was going to have to learn how to act like a ‘Doll,’ as she knew that that was the only way for him to somewhat trust her which would allow her to escape. Despite what her mind was telling her to say, which went something along the lines of ‘you idiot, kick him in the balls, get out of there somehow!’ Mia let out a small sigh and relaxed her limbs.

She was going to surrender, for now.

He eyed her suspiciously for a while that lasted for almost five minutes, then let her arms go, spreading a relief through Mia’s limbs as she was free to use them again. Immediately she began to put on her clothes, but was halted once more by him.

‘What?’ Asked Mia abruptly as she snatched her hand away sent him a despondent look.

‘Don’t wear those. I have something else for you to wear.’ He said as he let go of her hand and opened a compartment from where he pulled out a small package wrapped in purple tissue paper. ‘One of many gifts that will come from me to you.’

Mia still pressed the white dress against her body as to hide her exposure, but began to roughly tear at the tissue paper with one hand. It revealed an elaborate pair of silk knickers with pink bows that tied on the sides, knee high woollen socks, and a weighty cream coloured dress with anglaise lace at the bottom.

She stared at the items, puzzled with whether she should thank him or not, but thought against it as she chewed the insides of her cheek and looked away from him. She jumped when she heard another male voice spoke in the car, her eyes darting to catch the source.

‘Sir, Romero is sending you a video call.’

At that very moment Mia noticed a small section in the partitioning glass slide down revealing the driver turning slightly back to glance at Phoenix. She could see sunlight peek in through that small section, a little insight to her location and she was going to grab that opportunity to figure out where she was. She craned her neck, slightly lifting her bottom off the seats but was pushed down lightly with the tips of Phoenix’s fingers.

‘Set the link up back here.’ Replied Phoenix as the glass section slid back up, whilst a large screen flipped down and started up.

Annoyed and puzzled, Mia watched on as Phoenix adjusted his clothing which had become a little creased from the period he had immobilised Mia. She looked to the screen and then to Phoenix as she pressed the clothes against her chest, and when she next looked back the screen, it showed a male with long black hair, broad shoulders, a sharp chin and dull blue eyes sitting on a brown leather chaise which had a weathered appearance.

‘Ah.’ Said a deep velvet voice that vibrated the air around Mia. ‘Looks like you are getting rather well acquainted with your Doll already.’

Mia’s eyes grew wide. He could see her. She let out a little gasp and sunk away into the corner of the car, pressing herself hard against the door before slinking in the gap between the partition and the seats. Phoenix laughed musically at the remark before sending a furtive glance towards Mia through the corner of his eye.

‘Just checking, got to see whether she was worth that 2 million. How’re you doing Romero? Surprised you didn’t purchase a Doll.’

The angle of the screen was odd from where Mia was hiding, but she could see the man called Romero lazily brush his hair back as he brought his hand to settle casually under his chin.

‘Surprised that you bought a Doll after… Ah… Such a long time…’ He said with a lopsided grin. ‘And a rare one too, very well-endowed, an exotic mix and still a virgin- well not sure now considering the current state she’s in.’

Phoenix laughed the same musical laugh as before, but Mia felt a more portentous edge to it.

‘You’re mistaken with that. And to answer any more questions, let’s just say… What’s the point taking something she has saved for a long time by force? There’s no real pleasure in that. I’m sure in time she will me cross uncharted territories.’ He said ending with a humourless chuckle.

Mia’s mouth went dry, her thoughts one huge tangled up string that throbbed with fury.

‘You sly bastard!’ She gasped loudly. ‘What the fuck makes you think I will let you sleep with me?!’

If Mia was sure that the Romero guy couldn’t see her, she would have happily assaulted Phoenix again, but instead sat with a scowl deepening on her face.

‘She’s like an untamed kitten… And the language she uses! Doll, how dare you speak like that to your Master.’ Asserted Romero in a tone which Mia wasn’t sure was either playful or serious. Phoenix looked at Mia, his mouth set, almost as though he were bracing himself for her reaction. Mia didn’t want to look at his face due to pure loathing and found her eyesight snagging onto a small camera just beside the screen. Still clutching the dress and accessories to her chest she rose, making sure she was still out of direct sight of the camera. With a venomous grin that she gave to Phoenix, she held up two fingers at the camera before slinking away. Although it was childish, Mia felt somewhat a little proud of her little act of retaliation.

‘Wonderful…’ Replied Romero in an amused tone with a smile that unnerved Mia. ‘I really am looking forward to seeing you and your Doll at the Post-Market dinner. It will be an interesting event. Oh and Phoenix, you are going to have to remove your mask at some point and show your Doll your pretty face, otherwise she might mistake someone else as her Master at that dinner.’

Dinner? Thought Mia with rising apprehension. As quickly as the apprehension rose it withered away as her thoughts on dinner rapidly changed to piping Thai green curry with fluffy pillows of white rice and cold Jasmine tea with honey. Hunger was creeping in now, and with that it brought on a light-headed weariness that sapped her energy away.

‘Jokes aside Romero, I trust the payment went through alright?’ Inquired Phoenix in a more businesslike tone.

‘Yep, everything went through fine. I trust you will want to have a little stern word with your Doll, so I’ll be taking my leave. I’ll see you at the Post-Market dinner tomorrow.’

Mia rolled her eyes, and let out a disgruntled sound of frustration.

‘See you tomorrow Romero.’

‘See you, and you too Doll.’ He added in a slightly deeper tenor that set Mia off in gooseflesh as his image disappeared.

The screen folded back up immediately, leaving Mia not a single moment of hesitation as she began to pull on the items of clothing.

‘Stop.’ Interjected Phoenix once more. Mia pursed her lips and let an angry exhalation of air escape through it. What the hell did he want now?

‘Yes?’ Groaned Mia unenthusiastically as she was half way slipping the underwear up her hips with the dress still covering her modestly.

‘Let me dress you.’ He offered in a tone that weighed on being a suggestion and a command. Mia breathed through her nostrils, wishing that he would just disappear.

‘Uh… No. Dream on.’ She replied with what she thought was a tiny bit of delusional power over him, only to find it stripped away from her by the intense glare he was giving her.

‘I am your Master; you will do as I say.’ He spoke in a dark commanding tone that literally scared Mia shitless, but the girl she was, she wasn’t going to show it, not unless she looked him in the eye- then that would be a different matter altogether.

‘Okay…’ She said in a small voice as she relented. So much for thinking she could get away with that... ‘But only if you at least let me put on the underwear…’ She said faltering as she fought to look away from his gaze.

‘As you wish.’ He replied calmly as Mia eased the underwear over her hips and triple knotted the ribbons on the sides. There was no way in Hell she was going to let Phoenix somehow ‘accidently’ open the ribbons on her underwear. Master or whatever he was, she was not going to let him take any advantage of her, and especially after that cunning remark about her letting him sleep with her. Unchartered territories my arse. He made her sound like a freaking harbour.

She was going to have to be very smart around him if she was to get her way at all, and unfortunately that was still a learning process. After mumbling a series of profanities under her breath, she handed Phoenix the heavier cream coloured dress whilst she sat with her back to him and her previous dress clutched tightly over her breasts.

‘How do you expect me to dress you when you are clutching onto your dress? Let it go.’ He commanded.

‘You could have at least got me a freaking bra.’ She spat back irritably.

‘Quiet Puppet. There isn’t anything I haven’t seen already so just let go of the dress and face me.’

‘That’s because you literally stripped me and had good look when I got into the car!’ Mia stopped and bit her lip as to force back any more remarks on the injustice he had caused with her. The plan on being an obedient ‘Doll’ was already failing. By the rate she was going, Phoenix was probably circling his thumb around the shock collar’s remote.

Just bite the damn bullet and let him dress you.

She knew she was going to hate herself for giving in, especially in the case it went all wrong and Phoenix midway decided to dock his ship in her harbour without the captain’s consent.

She halted mid-thought and groaned about the stupid euphemism she was making.

She turned around to face Phoenix, and looked away from his facial expressions as she let go of her dress and exposed the top half of her body. She did not want to see him ogling her, nor did she want to look at him and accidently give him the wrong idea.

Luckily enough he didn’t just sit and gawk at her as he immediately pulled the dress over her head and tugged it down to allow her arms to fit through the sleeves.

‘Turn around.’ He asserted, and Mia turned her back to him as he pulled the zip up.

It still baffled her as to why he didn’t let her get dressed herself as she was more than capable, and way more comfortable doing so without someone’s help, but she gathered that maybe because she was a literal ‘Doll’ like the ones they sold in stores, he would want to dress her as to emulate that.

He leant forward, and took the pair of socks from the torn apart package aside her as he moved on to pulling on the thick socks on Mia’s completely smooth legs.

The one thing-and only thing- she had to be thankful for was the waxing, Lord she was overdue for a leg wax by a week, but the addition of the every-bloody-thing wax took the vanity out of waxing straight away. This seemed like something she was going to have to do all the time now that she was a ‘Doll.’ Be perfect, smooth and ultimately hairless in every aspect, and endure copious amounts of bloody pain for it.

Phoenix didn’t care to command her this time on raising her limbs or moving this way or that, but merely lifted up a single leg to rest on his lap which almost made Mia topple backwards and hit her head on the car door. This time he did stop for a moment, after which he made a silent comment.

‘You have very beautiful legs and feet.’

Mia found herself blushing despite the whole odd situation. She just hadn’t had a comment like that from anyone. Especially one that described a part of her as beautiful, even if it was directed at her legs and such.

She should have been paying attention to what Phoenix was doing and not falling into a giddy girly heap in her mind, as he next stroked her feet and brought his head down so that his lips met with the arch of her foot.

Mia’s whole body suddenly buzzed as the sensation began to relay up her body, right to her-- Suddenly she snapped her legs shut, and skittered away from him.

Holy crap.

It took a moment for it to register, but Mia knew it, it was too strong an emotion to deny. She was getting turned on- and she wasn’t having any more of it. Not with a masked stranger who had bought her, dressed her as a Doll and claimed to be her Master.

She began to babble wildly, distracting herself from Phoenix’s perplexed spun gold irises and began to yank the socks on her feet as she distanced herself well away from him. Bewildered would not be the best adjective to embody the state Mia was in, as she deftly snapped her mouth shut and placed two hands on her mouth as she forced herself to stare at the black glass windows, trying to envisage pictures of the landscape outside.

Silence hung in the air like a lazy storm cloud between them, before it burst, sending ripples of attractive laughter to drum Mia’s ears.

‘Oh my dear Puppet, so pure to be flustered by a man’s mere lips on her skin…’

Mia turned, frowned and immediately found herself caged in Phoenix’s visual embrace. His laughter had subsided and he now wore a smug smirk.

She scowled, now a lot wearier than before- and a lot comfier in the thicker clothes- and drew her knees up to join the rest of her body on the car seat. Closing her eyes with a grimace that she knew was now permanently etched on her face, she placed a hand under cheek as she vowed to sleep through whatever how long this journey would be. She heard him sigh as he shifted his legs, the leather seats squeaking.

‘Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt.’  He purred.

Mia looked up, as she felt the tell-tale signs of a journey coming to its end. The car slowed down to a walking pace before halting completely.

‘Sir.’ Came the driver’s voice again. ‘We have arrived at your estate.’

Estate. Thought Mia sullenly.

Phoenix was staring right at her with a placid smile that frightened her more than soothed her.

‘We’re home Puppet.’




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