A Doll is perfection, submission and a companion for life...


2. Chapter 2


Mia’s head spun violently when she hazily opened her eyes. Why did she feel like she had a horrible hangover? She was sure she didn’t have anything alcoholic to drink… She kept her eyes closed, fearing that if she sat up abruptly she would probably puke, or topple off where she was lying anyway.

Actually, she thought, where was she lying anyway? It sure as hell did not feel like her bed in her room as it was a little too springy for her pleasure.

Fuck, thought Mia immediately as she began to search her memory banks and stumbled on the scene that she last remembered. That guy with the van.

Hangover or not Mia sat up determined to figure what had happened to her, her eyes barely focusing on her surroundings and found to her horror that she was completely naked with a strange collar around her throat.

‘Oh no!’ She cried as panic ran in torrents through her body, causing her to shudder as she reasoned why she was probably naked. ‘No! No! No!’

She began to weep, praying to god that she hadn’t been raped, even checking her thigh’s for any signs of bruising and through eyes blurred with tears she found herself in dim lit white room with two other beds on either side of her.

And to add to her horror, those beds were not empty either; they also had equally as bare girls lying in them.

Suddenly, the light in the room became brighter as though someone had operated a switch, and within the next instant a loud booming voice began to echo through the room.

‘Welcome, our new batch of Dolls. You are currently in the examination room. Shortly you will be taken to the prep rooms one by one. Do not think you can escape, otherwise you will be severely disciplined.’

The voice halted, the tenors still resonating in Mia’s eardrums as they slowly attuned to the sounds of the two girls crying frantically.

Mia frowned as she let the words sink in. Dolls? Prep room? What the hell? She was beginning to feel hysterical with each passing moment, the clarity of the moment become stronger and stronger by the second.

No. Thought Mia sternly to herself. She was not going to give in to shock. She was going to get out.

Whether her captors were gonna severely discipline her or not, she had to get out of there. And she hadn’t the faintest clue how. She glanced over to the two girls. One was short with long curly blonde hair, and the other was a brunette. They looked like they hadn’t the faintest clue of what they were doing there either.

Maybe she could make allies of them thought Mia as she began to scan the room for means of escape. There were two plain white wooden doors, and neither of them had door handles. She stood up and pushed against one of them, and found them to be made of metal and not wood and hardly budging against her body weight. There was no furniture other than the beds.

Chances of escape were looking bleak already.

How did Mia manage to think so rationally in a situation like this? She wondered as she curled into a ball and tried her best to cover her body as much as possible. Tears still poured out of her eyes, but the initial fear she felt was dissipating away.

Mia looked up to the bright lights of the room and without thought began to shout with a building vehemence that was now taking over her fear.


She paused, sucking in the air to calm her fury, the room extremely quiet as the girls halted their sobs. They all held their breath for a moment anticipating a response immediately, but after fifteen seconds the room shook again with the same voice.

‘Doll number 05453, Giselle Harley.’

The brunette began to bawl, as she clasped her hands over her mouth and shrunk down into the bed. The door to their left then swung open as several figures clad in white with medical face masks marched in. Mia did not know what came to over her as she leaped off her bed and charged towards the nearest figure, but she found herself reeling over in pain, her upper body seizing up as she felt a powerful surge of electricity immobilise her from her throat.

Shock collar thought Mia as she lay splayed on the linoleum floor, her body jerking and slowly stiffening. They were not kidding about discipline. She couldn’t move a limb, but from where she lay she could see the brunette being escorted by two tall figures out of the room.

‘Leave her…’ Croaked Mia as she tried to move her fingers and toes.

‘We had warned you of discipline.’ Boomed the voice once more. ‘Do not attempt to fight us Doll number 05455.’

‘F-f-fuck you.’ She rasped as she was lifted up by one of the white clad people onto the bed. Her muscles were too weak to fight them off, but panic finally began to settle in once again.

What were they going to do to her? Why did they refer to her as a ‘Doll’ and then give a number like she was a prisoner?

She couldn’t have gasped even if she wanted as it was too painful to swallow, let alone speak, but it then dawned upon her. These were the traffickers who had been abducting girls around London.

She just knew it.

She was to be forced to become a prostitute, sold off to one if not many pimps that worked Europe and London. And the prep was probably to screen them for any diseases or do worse. Tears resumed pouring down her cheeks as she listened to the sobbing sounds of the blonde girl who was out her line of sight.

‘Doll number 05454, Elliot Warner.’

The doors swung open just as they did before and the blonde girl was escorted out the room, sobs wracking her body.

Mia was alone now.

Her muscles slowly began to warm up and she was able to move her joints again. She was still a little stiff, but she slowly and painfully propped herself to sit back up.

Monsters, these people who captured her were monsters, and by putting shock collars around their necks was breaking every rule of the Human Rights Act, but then again being the traffickers they were, they had no rules.

She waited, she anticipated, and then the voice spoke again, and this time it sounded like it was vaguely amused.

‘Doll number 05455, Mia Starling. Behave yourself now.’

‘Go to hell you asshole.’ Mumbled Mia under her breath as the door swung open and two figures dragged her up from her bed through to the door on the other side. She gave up the notion of fighting them, as she knew she would be electrocuted into submission, and she did not want to give in to these people.

The second room was as white as the previous one, but there was a lot more things. One looked like an operating table and there was a bath. Mia let out a scream of shock once she saw the operating table.

Oh no, oh God no. Were they going to extract her organs and sell them off to the black market? Who the hell were these guys?! Shock collar or not, she began to fight with every ounce of strength she had.

She was not going to be chopped up. Two rough hands grabbed onto her arms as she moved in distress, and in that moment she felt her hands bound and something shoved into her mouth.

She began to scream, gagging all the more from the fabric in her mouth and was lifted up onto the operating table. Several figures crowded around her, and Mia began to sob uncontrollably as she closed her eyes shut.

Her skin began to grow hot, as she felt them smoothing something onto it, and within the moment of figuring out what they were putting on her, she felt a sharp stab of pain that first surprised her and then confused her.

They were waxing her. She looked up at the figures in bewilderment, but taking by the pain of multitude areas of her body being waxed simultaneously made her screech and squirm. And it was not like they waxed just her arms and legs, they waxed every bloody part of her body. The waxing halted finally, but she only had a brief moment of bliss as the next moment her entire body was on fire. Her skin smarted and felt raw, but was lifted up from the table and plunged into the bath- which to her added discomfort- had ice cold water.

She sat for a minute or two, her body chilling to the core as her skin soon became like gooseflesh. She was lifted out and then thrown on a chair in the corner of the room where she was washed down and scrubbed thoroughly with warm water.

What the hell was this? Waxing her, chilling her to almost getting frostbite, and now washing her? She couldn’t make her mind up on what they were doing to her, and it almost seems they were making her think that way.

They patted her down with warm towels and then sent her through to another pair of doors, still bound and still gagged.

The next room was different to the first two rooms. It was painted a soft peach shade and had a table with an illuminated mirror and a rack of clothes on the far side of the wall. Five figures literally pounced on her as soon as she had less than half a second glance at the surroundings and was then forced to sit on a chair in front of the illuminated mirror. One person attacked her wet hair with a hairdryer and a brush; another began to put makeup on her face and another began to use a strange machine that seemed to blow air upon her body.

Mia was far too perplexed to react to the sudden change of events. She couldn’t make her mind up on what was going on, and what was going to happen to her. The possibility of her turning into a prostitute was still very high, as they had fashioned the makeup on her olive skin to deliberately make her look like some porcelain doll and her usually untamed wavy hair into smooth silky locks.

The five figures left abruptly making Mia turn to her reserves of fear ash she feared the unexpected. Two men then walked into the room in casual clothing and pulled Mia to her feet to examine her from top to toe.

Now the feeling of self-consciousness began to sting her. A little too much of a delayed reaction since she had been completely naked for how long, she didn’t know, and had every part of her probed by the figures in masks.

‘Doll number 05455, Mia Starling. Height 5”2, bust size 30C, shoe size 4…’ The man who spoke had thick black curly hair and neatly trimmed stubble on his chin.

‘She’s a little different to the other Dolls that we usually have had.’ Commented the other who was slightly short and had long blonde hair swept into a ponytail.

‘A little more coloured and… Buxomly… Shall we say? I think some of the Sheikh’s will have a field day when they see her.’

If the gag in her mouth wasn’t tied around her head, she knew it would have literally fallen out as she gaped at the two men. Sheikhs? What sort of trafficking gang was this? Thought Mia as she began to struggle.

‘We should dress her in something that still shows off her assets, I think the bidders would like that.’ Said the dark haired man a she walked over to the rack of clothes. ‘Dress 12 should be good. As long as we don’t make her wear a bra.’

Mia’s eyes opened wide at his remarks. Bidders? And she was apparently going to walk out in a dress braless. This was some sort of sick joke.

The blonde haired male walked up to her and held up two hands in surrender.

‘I’m just going to take off your gag. Promise you will not scream I don’t want you to get shocked as much as you do.’

Mia couldn’t back away even if she tried, there was no escape, and her hands were still bound. Like a dart he quickly removed the gag from her mouth and let it drop to the floor. Mia stared at him cruelly, anger flooding through her gaze.

‘I hope you go to hell.’ She said in a dark whisper. He looked back frowning, even a looked a little taken aback and placed a hand on his hip.

‘Sweetheart, we live in Hell already. Where else could there be that can be worse?’

‘Al, just get her dressed. They are going to start bidding on her in five minutes.’ Growled the dark haired male as he threw a white dress edged with lace at him, and a pair of white underpants.

Mia stared at the items of clothing suspiciously as he laid them on top the chair she had been seated on.

‘Now you have a choice here.’ Continued the blonde male called Al. ‘Either you can dress yourself or I dress you. And before you think you can take your shock collar off, you won’t be able to. It has a lock.’

She shot him a filthy look before looking at the items of clothing. What else could she do? It seemed like she had to give in and do what they said. And perhaps after, think of a way to escape.

He crossed over and unbound her, stepping back carefully lest she tried to strike him with either of her limbs or with her body.

She wrenched the clothes off the chair and sent the two males a callous look that she wished shot real acid at them.

‘Turn around then!’ Said Mia angrily, even though she knew they had had a good look of her naked body already, just the notion of them staring at her whilst she dressed sent chills through her. They turned around, the dark haired male rolling his eyes as she pulled on the white underpants and slid into the lacy dress. Oh hell she needed a bra. She thought as she examined herself in the mirror. The dress buoyed out where her chest was making her boobs look bigger than they were. And the fabric was also sheer enough to grant a sinful peek of her nipples. She did, however, discover that the blonde wasn’t lying about the shock collar. It was locked and she couldn’t take it off no matter how much she tried pulling and prising at it.

Moaning about it wasn’t going to help, gathered Mia, as it felt good to finally wear clothing after being exposed for all this time. She had also noticed they had airbrushed her body to make all her skin even, even covering the large scar on her back.

But she wasn’t going to be content with just that.

‘What are you going to do with me?’ She said with a raise of her voice at the men who had their backs still turned to her. They both turned around, exchanged glances with each other before the dark haired male spoke.

‘You are going to become someone’s Doll. And it won’t be just anyone, you will be bid on by the most wealthiest and influential men on this Earth.’

‘A Doll?’ Repeated Mia astounded. So this whole calling her a ‘Doll’ thing wasn’t a lie. ‘You’re joking right. I bet that is just some pseudonym on making me a prostitute.’

‘You are going to be nothing like a prostitute.’ Said the blonde haired man. ‘You are going to be more of a plaything…’ He grinned sardonically.

Mia knew the things were pretty much the same. A prostitute was seen as much as a plaything as a doll was, except in different ways.

‘Wear your shoes.’ Commanded the dark haired male. ‘You are going on sale in a minute’s time.’

He threw her a pair of white silk pumps which she slipped on- only so she didn’t have to stand on the cold floor anymore.

The door to the side of the room opened, two large men in black suits hunching in. Mia cowered and pressed herself against the wall unsure to what laid ahead.

‘Be nice to your new Master.’ Said the dark haired male as the large men grabbed onto her arms and steered her out the room.

The next room was brighter than the last one, and it made her eyes sting as she found herself in a rather noisy auditorium and on a small stage. The two large men held onto her tight as she stared down the room to find it full of men seated around the stage. She looked up and found even more seated on what seemed like overhead balconies and just as she turned her head to look to her right she found her gaze caught into that of a camera. The room fell to a hush as all the heads of the men turned to stare at her as a voice blasted through the room.

‘To new bidders, welcome to the Doll Market.  This is Doll number 05455, Mia Starling. 21 years old, height 5”2, shoe size UK 4, clothes size a petit 6-8, bra size 30C, a distant mixture of Columbian and Iranian blood. She’s a little more special as she’s untouched. Bidding starts at £ 5,000.’

‘WHAT?!’ Gasped Mia out loud as soon as the voice mentioned she was still a virgin. She stiffened, expecting her to be shocked by the collar or manhandled by the men who firmly held her, but a hush ensued over the room as the men looked at screens that seemed to display her face and body.

Still seething from the revelation of her ‘untouched virtue’ Mia took that short period to examine the faces that were lecherously snagging on to the figure of her body. She spotted some Arabs towards the front, no doubt about it, some Chinese and Japanese men in traditional clothing and a mixture of European and African men in suits. They all varied in age, from early thirties to late sixties, but she guessed the average age in the large hall was about fifty or so.

Some had an odd fashion sense like either very traditional or extremely modern and she could spot some in the crowd who Venetian masks over their faces to hide their identities and some who were hooded.

Mia began to feel extremely frightened as she began to struggle in the grasp of the two men. It seemed like these men were more likely to bid on her virginity now that the announcer had told the room.

‘Bidders? Anyone?’ Said the voice.

‘£10,000.’ Called out a rather obese Arab man who sat near the front. Mia cringed at the sight of him as he licked his lips when her gaze caught on him.

‘£25,000.’ Called out a hooded male from a balcony above her.

‘£30,000.’ Countered the Arab man with a grunt.


The room was full with quietly shocked mumblings as Mia looked up to the direction of the voice. Her eyes locked with an elegant man in a black suit with gold and black feathers heavily decorating the shoulder of his suit and a gold and black mask that covered half his face. Her gaze was immediately absorbed into his golden irises.

‘£150, 000!’ Said the Arab vehemently as he glared at the man on the balcony.

‘£300, 000.’ Articulated the man in velvet tones.

A large black male in a pinstripe suit stood up, a scowl on his features.

‘£350, 000.’

Mia didn’t know what happened in the moments that passed, but several others began to daringly join in with the bidding. The Arab man grew flustered and angered by every high bid the masked man put down, and by the time the bid had reached £500, 000 only he and the masked man were left bidding.

‘£800, 000!’ Roared the Arab as he sprung to his feet and looked fiercely at the masked man who remained calmly seated.

‘One million.’

The whispers grew louder as Mia grew baffled at the amount they were bidding on her. These men… Clearly had enough men to waste if they were bidding a million on her. Who was getting the money? She wondered. It was not like she willingly wanted to become involved in this business, wasn’t she effectively being sold like a prostitute.

‘1.5 Million.’ Countered the Arab as he angrily stomped his feet.

‘2 million.’

The Arab grew silent with rage, his face red as Mia could see he was fighting against bidding once more or being defeated. He spat on the floor angrily, and ushered to the men sat beside him as he sat outside the room.

‘2 million.’ Resumed the booming voice through the speakers. ‘Going once, going twice… Gone! Doll number 05455, Mia Starling has been sold to Phoenix. A record price of 2 million for any Doll ever been sold.’

Mia looked up to the balcony to the man called Phoenix as the room erupted with male voices discussing the terms of her sale. He glanced at her before rising, the gold and black feathers fluttering as he rose and a troupe of dark suited men following him as he made his way down.

‘Come on.’ Said one of the men who held onto her gruffly. ‘Time to go home with your new Master.’

‘Master..?’ Whispered Mia as the men walked her down some steps on the side of the stage and out a door to what looked like an underground car park. What was this whole ‘master’ thing?

She didn’t have the time to examine the broad black vehicle with opaque windows that awaited her as she was roughly pushed in and the door shut behind her. She tried to open the doors from the inside and found that they were locked and found a large black glass separating the passenger section from the driver.

Finally she heard the click of the door handle on the opposite side of the car, and literally launched herself at it, pressing at the door.

But she couldn’t get out, as the next moment the long limbs of the man called Phoenix stepped into the car.

Mia stared at him, how mouth slightly open as he shifted himself to sit next to her half lying-half sitting position.

He examined her with his hawk-like eyes and with one hand lifted her up from her lying position.

‘Now my pretty little Doll. Let your Master truly see you.’

Mia had nowhere to hide or escape as the door shut to a close behind him. He reached forward, his hands in white gloves and tugged down the sides of her dress exposing her shoulders and traced a finger from her chin down. He looked at the pads of the white glove and saw the skin coloured foundation he had wiped off. He pulled off the gloves, exposing two very large but smooth hands and tenderly scooped Mia towards him.

Truly shocked, Mia froze up as he pulled off her dress and at the same time pulled off her underwear.

‘Ah… Perfect…’ He muttered as his fingers circled her nipples, her belly button, her regions.

‘What are you going to do to me…?’ She whispered in a tiny voice as he continued to pour over her body with his bright golden eyes hidden behind the mask.

‘You are going to be my Doll. You are going to by my pretty little Marionette who will keep me company. Now my fiery little puppet, we have a long journey ahead of us, and your Master would very much like to play with you right now…’



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