the mistakeable meet


2. getting to know each other

Joannes POV

i started to wonder if he was annoyed from me or what when he said "what would you like to have."

i answered in a  shy tone the chicken legs with french fries.he looked at me in astonishment and i asked if there was anything wrong,but he just answered me and said that everything was fine but he was just amazed that i picked exactly what he orders all the time.

niall POV

I randomly meet this girl bring her to my favorite restaurant and she orders exactly like i rude of me i didnt ask her for her name.i try asking but my voice is numb and then i suddenly blurt out what is  your name.she giggles and answers joanne and asks for a picture with me.then she shouts that she was late for work and runs off.

Joannes pov

i was waiting for lunch excited that i was with niall the niall my biggest  best  celebrity,and i was here with him.i look at my watch and notice i was an hour late to work and without another word i rush out the door.i think that was a bit rude for m but i spent months to get this job and  was not gonna waste it.

Niall POV

i  go back home for a rest but i cant sleep well i was having mixed emotions all at once and i didnt know what they were.

i drift off into a short or i think long nap.......


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