the mistakeable meet


4. a day with friends

Joannes POV

I got to work and got extra work for the coming 2 days because i was late.How annoying she screamed in my face and all i could say was yes boss im a fool.well its already 4:00 pm il guess il go home.I was lazily walking to my home and a quick glance i find niall.

Nialls POV

I came out hoping to find her and when i was about to loose hope and go home she appeared in front of me wearing a red dress and her hair let down with red high heels.She looked like an angel.while i was still daydreaming when someone pokes my shoulder and says hello.i opened my eyes to find joanne i answer quickly back"would u like to watch a movie with me and the lads tonight!" I answered boldly well u see me and my friends have movie night today what if u can bring the lads and come over here is my phone number call them and let me know ur reply.

AFTER 5 MIN....(Joanne went home) zayn............. hey niall sup,niall:hey zayn i met this amazing girl and shes invited us over to hers with her friends to watch a movie what do u think Zayn:ya sure ill come Niall:be ready in 2 hours ill come get u thx see ya bye.

YES he said YES yahoooooooooo!louis turn.

niall.......louis: hey bro wacha doin niall : nthin much be ready in 2 hours were going to my friends houseLouis ok fine with me.

......... they all said yes 



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