the mistakeable meet


1. the meet


Joannes  POV

omg im so late for work i didnt want to hear another complaint  from the boss.i was in such a hurry i couldnt think straight.Suddenly i hit someone and fall to the ground.

Nialls POV

I was running from fangirls and suddenly i bump into someone.I stand up to run since i thought that was another fangirl. But when i looked down i saw an innocent girl that was on the floor.I helped her up and rushed through the nearest shop and to my surprise it was nandoos.

Joannes POV 

I found myself in nandoos with a very nice sweet looking guy.Then i noticed he was Niall from 1D.I was so excited.i was his biggest fan but i wasnt crazy about him.i saw niall going back so i said in a cheerful tone ''thank you for helping me out there but lets order im starving!"and i stuck my face in the menu.

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