They don't know about us.

Eliza is a teen prodigy, her intellectual and sports skills through the roof.
No schools will accept her, and college isn't a choice for 15-year-old Eliza. She starts to get desperate; applying to all-boys schools.
And something happens that Liz doesn't expect.
She gets accepted.
It takes a while for Eliza to get adjusted, but with her 5 new friends and roommates she knows that she'll be able to make it through high school.
(1D fanfiction!)


2. Why is HE my roommate?

"I HATE this school? Why did I have to be accepted into an all-boys' school?" Eliza cried, her body huddled into the dark corner behind her dorm building. "This sucks! And he KISSED me!"

"Eliza, don't over react. A second chance is exactly what you've wanted, right?" Her friend Jessica answered over the phone, trying to control her friend's fit. "You'll be stuck with him for the next three years anyway, might as well make the best out of it."

"I guess." Eliza fiddled with the keyboard on her phone, her bestie's voice still on speakerphone. "Well, talk to you later, I guess."


"Bye." Eliza hung up, and stood back up before dusting her pants and walking back around to the back door of her dorm. When she got inside, she noticed Niall, and the rest of his band in the lobby so she snuck into her room soundlessly. 

Inside, she stepped right into the shower. The warm water ran down her back, soothing Eliza's nerves a tiny bit. A single tear slid down her cheek.

A year ago, Niall was her neighbour. They were friends, but then became more. They dated for a month before Eliza caught him cheating and broke it off for good.

She never ever wanted to see him again.


When Eliza stepped out of the shower, she realized that she forgot to bring her clothes into the bathroom with her and wrapped herself in a towel, gathering up her courage to step out of the room and get her clothes (even for a few seconds.)

She stepped out, to find, of course, Zayn Liam Harry Louis and sadly Niall sitting on Niall's bed.

"Ooh la la." Harry wiggled his eyebrows. The rest of the group covered their eyes except for Niall who rushed beside Eliza.

"Get away from me!" she screamed and locked herself in the bathroom.

"Do you want clothes?" Niall said from outside the bathroom.


"Do you want Louis to do it?"

"Ok whatever just not you!" Eliza said louder than she intended. At least that shut Niall up. Louis was better, she'd met him once or twice when she and Niall were still dating. The stripy duds were weird, though. Eliza didn't fancy stripes too much.

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