They don't know about us.

Eliza is a teen prodigy, her intellectual and sports skills through the roof.
No schools will accept her, and college isn't a choice for 15-year-old Eliza. She starts to get desperate; applying to all-boys schools.
And something happens that Liz doesn't expect.
She gets accepted.
It takes a while for Eliza to get adjusted, but with her 5 new friends and roommates she knows that she'll be able to make it through high school.
(1D fanfiction!)


3. Well this sucks

The first day of school was hard. 

Classes were hard, and her fellow students either payed no or too much attention to Eliza. This rule worked for the 5 boys too; they were way too clingy. Eliza wanted it to stop.

"Niall stop it." She finally snapped in Bio, their last class of the day. "Stop following me. It isn't love anymore."

"Oh." He almost shied away, pulling his textboook closer to his side of the desk. "Okay."

Later that evening, when they arrived at the dorms, Niall left to go spend the night with Liam. Eliza convinced herself that this was for his own good (and hers too)

Eliza pulled out her homework, but then slammed her head against the desk in frustration. THis was going to be a long night. At midnight, she was still working on her maths homework when Niall groggily stepped through the front door. Instead of greeting her in his cheery, creepy way that he always did, he slid into his bed without changing out of his uniform.

"Goodnight." Eliza whispered once she was sure that Niall was asleep. She flicked off her reading light, set the rest of her work beside her bed and quickly dozed off, it was really late.


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