They don't know about us.

Eliza is a teen prodigy, her intellectual and sports skills through the roof.
No schools will accept her, and college isn't a choice for 15-year-old Eliza. She starts to get desperate; applying to all-boys schools.
And something happens that Liz doesn't expect.
She gets accepted.
It takes a while for Eliza to get adjusted, but with her 5 new friends and roommates she knows that she'll be able to make it through high school.
(1D fanfiction!)


4. The next day

The next day Eliza was woken up by the fancy shower spraying in the next room. She sat up sleepily, rubbing her eyes before realizing that it was so late that she might be late for her first class, art history.

Jumping up, Eliza slipped into sweats, a plain white tank top and tied her hair into a lazy bun beofre spraying herself with her nicest perfume and grabbing some jewellery and running out the door. She ran back in when she realized that she forgot her binders and pencil case.

"Hey-" Niall said in his Irish voice, rifling through his closet to find some clothes (there was only a towel wrapped around his "There's 2 more hours till classes start" Facepalm. whoops.


So instead of running to the cafeteria Eliza took a nice shower and masking sure that Niall wasn't in the hallway because seeing him almost naked was traumatic and she didn't want to go through that again (ew).

Later they got to class just on time and slipped into their chairs beside each other. Secretly, Eliza was kinda glad that Niall shared all of his classes with her but she didn't admit it. The early morning sunlight made his blonde eyelashes shine and they made Eliza kinda giddy.

When classes were done the five boys approached Eliza.

"DO you want to have pizza with us later?" Louis asked. 

"We're going to watch toy story! Liam exclaimed

"Sure." Eliza didn't want to cause any trouble and maybe she could become friends with Niall's friends but not Niall because he broke her heart a long time ago.


Later they got to Louis and Harry's dorm and stepped in. It was luxurious and had 2 floors as opposed to the 1 floor that her dorm was composed of. There was a loft above with obviously the bedrooms.

Liam put in the first Toy Story movie on the wide screen projector TV that took up the whole wall and the six of them plopped down on the pillowed couch. 

"I already ordered pizza. I hope carrots flavour is okay for everyone. But I ordered Hawaiian too soo." Louis said, popping a bubble gum bubble.

"Good for me." Eliza said. She was sitting beside Harry, and Niall was on the other side of the couch looking sad. Toy Story was running in the back. Liam looked happy.

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