They don't know about us.

Eliza is a teen prodigy, her intellectual and sports skills through the roof.
No schools will accept her, and college isn't a choice for 15-year-old Eliza. She starts to get desperate; applying to all-boys schools.
And something happens that Liz doesn't expect.
She gets accepted.
It takes a while for Eliza to get adjusted, but with her 5 new friends and roommates she knows that she'll be able to make it through high school.
(1D fanfiction!)


1. Arriving at School

Eliza adjusted the bag on her arm. She was nervous.

Until this point, she'd been home schooled. For her first year of high school, she was homeschooled too but this year she was forced to go to a real school.

The front steps of her new dorm loomed in front of her, ivy running up its bricked walls. Eliza's anxiety was coming back and she didn't want to go in. But she didn't have a choice.

This school, the school where she was to spend the next three years of her life, was an all-boys' school. It was a long story of how she got in the school, but to make it short... no one would accept her. Eliza was much too smart.

She hated being smart, above average in her studies. Eliza was bullied when she was younger because she was too smart. Some people just couldn't accept the way she was, and that's why she had to start homeschooling.

The inside of the dorm was luxurious. She walked in, and looked at the little card in her hand for her room number and walked into the room. Inside was something (or someone) who she didn't expect.

Why was Niall Horan in Eliza's new room?

"Howdy doo?" He said, snacking on a piece of chicken. Eliza just stood by the door, petrified. "I'm Niall-"

"I know who you are." she managed to croak out, her voice breaking similar to when Louis said 'superman'. "You don't remember me?"

"N-no?"  He questioned, wiping his mouth on his sleeve and popping off one of the room's beds.

"I'm Eliza." She whispered, setting down her duffel bags beside her and inching closer to Niall.

"Eliza? You're Eliza?" He also inched closer to her.

"It's been a while." She continued talking though her heart was pretty much breaking in two in her chest.

"Yes, it has."

"I've moved on, though." Eliza said, vocalizing what she'd been trying to convince herself for the past year.

"I don't believe you." And he pulled in for a kiss.


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