One More Chance

Valentine's Day With 1D Contest! Becca was living the perfect life. She was famous for her boyfriend, and tons of fans shipped them together. That was until he ruined it.


1. One More Chance

Becca's P.O.V.

I knew I shouldn't have dated Harry Styles. He was a messed up boyfriend. For three months, he kept denying our relationship, and when he finally confirmed it, he sounded more like he was admitting it. He only acted happy around me when he was alone with me, and when we were in public he payed more attention to his sandwich than his own girlfriend. Then, I caught him with another girl. I rolled my eyes and walked away. He chased after me with the usual, "It was a mistake!" and "I don't know what I was thinking!" but I just kept walking. I really liked him, but I was kind of expecting this to happen. He calls me constantly, since last week, when he cheated. I ignored each call, they meant nothing. I was considering blocking his number, but it was amusing to see all the calls and decline them. What I did do was set my voicemail so that it said at the end, 'if this is Harry, don't expect me to pick up," but he still called. A bunch of One Direction "fans" hated on me constantly for "breaking their future husband's heart," because his new girlfriend, Taylor, had released a story that I had cheated. And around the press, what did he do about it? He never denied it. He couldn't ruin his perfect reputation to admit something he did. The girl he had cheated with and I are now close, she was clueless about me, she wasn't a big Directioner so she thought he was single. In fact, I was on my way to her apartment right then. I looked at my knuckles, they were clenching the steering wheel so tight that they turned white. I unclenched my hands slightly, enough to make them recede back to their normal tan color. I pulled into the building parking lot and stepped out of the car. I walked up to the the elevator to her apartment. 523 was the number. It was the biggest one, with two floors and an elevator. 

"Models," I grumbled to myself. I went up the elevator and walked to her door. It was propped open by a trashcan. I walked right in, and Leah grinned. 

"Hey," she smiled her perfect smile. 

"Hey, I brought Fluff!" I exclaimed. Her face lit up, and she quickly brought out brownie mix, several assorted cookie cutters, and everything else we needed to make our special brownies. We always pumped a little bit of Marshmallow Fluff in our brownies. We talked about life, and plotted ways to break "Haylor" up, even though that was never gonna happen, but it was fun to do anyway.  We sat on Leah's living room couch while we waited for the brownies to finish. 

"So, how's the press dealing with you?" Leah asked me, after about a minute of an awkward silence. I rolled my eyes. 

"I'm surprised I made it out of my apartment alive today," I grumbled. 

"These reporters are hounding me with these questions like, 'why'd you do it?' or 'do you want Harry back?' and I kept trying to tell them Harry cheated, not me, but who the hell believes me? Harry isn't doing ANYTHING about it, but he calls me at least 40 times a d-" I was cut off by my phone ringing.

"Speak of the devil," Leah said.

"Damn right, the devil," I grumbled. I hit "ignore" and set my phone down. At the same time, the brownies had finished, and we went to get them. She pulled them out of the oven and I took a picture. Being me, I tweeted it. 

@Beccaaaaa_: 'brownies, ya jelly? @Leahhhhh_'    I got my typical 'I hate you' 'go die in a hole' 'no one likes you' tweets, as well as some other awful ones, but they didn't faze me anymore. Then I got one annoying tweet in particular. 

@Harry_Styles: 'Please forgive me, I messed up.'   I rolled my eyes, but I got another notification about thirty seconds later. 

@Harry_Styles: 'I'm sorry. I screwed up. I lied to everyone. I didn't stop Taylor's rumour about Becca. The truth was...I cheated. Stop sending her hate, she did nothing except be innocent. Becca, I still love you, please forgive me. @Beccaaaaa_'   My mouth dropped open. Leah looked at me, a puzzled expression on her face. I had been standing in the kitchen for five minutes straight, not saying anything. I was shocked, then angry. 

@Beccaaaaa_: 'It's about damn time! See people? I wasn't lying! Harry was! You're a bloody idiot Harry. I could never forgive you. I could have if you hadn't denied it and let the rumours keep going. You have no idea how hurt I was and still am, Harry. Don't think your dimples and green eyes will get you out of this mess. Because it won't. @Harry_Styles'   I was satisfied. He deserved it. I smirked as his Twitter followers almost immediately went down 1k. 

"What the hell is going on?" Leah demanded, looking seriously confused.  "Check your Twitter," I said simply. She did, and read the whole thing. She started laughing hysterically, high-fiving me. We put our semi-cooled off brownies in our mouths, the Fluffy, chocolatey, delicate flavour penetrating our taste buds. I got another tweet. 

@megggyyy_1D: 'I'm so sorry @Beccaaaaa_ . We actually thought you cheated. I'm not pissed off at you, @Harry_Styles , I'm just disappointed.'    I immediately followed the girl, favourited, and retweeted the post. I looked at my followers; 325k. Before Harry's tweet, I had 219k! I started getting a lot more tweets like the girl's. I decided to show my appreciation...Becca style. 

@Beccaaaaa_: 'So, now you all believe me? I'd like to take a moment to thank several people. First, @Enews for advertising this whole thing, second to @taylorswift13 for making up this crap, and lastly to @Harry_Styles for being a crappy boyfriend, cheating, and not owning up to what you did, in fear it would ruin your "perfect" and "honest" reputation.'    That made me feel so good. 

  @Enews: 'Sorry! We believed it was the truth! We'll let out the real information soon :) @Beccaaaaa_'    I rolled my eyes and bit into my second brownie. 

@Beccaaaaa_: @Enews I really appreciated being called stupid for "cheating" and a liar for "lying" about not cheating. Always siding with the celebrity, right? Thanks.'    "Becca come here, you're on E! News!" Leah called. I rolled my eyes and stalked over to the couch. I plopped down just as the commercial for Pillow Pets™ finished. A blonde, busty lady was holding a microphone in the lounge area. 

"Our latest juicy gossip started on Twitter, just a couple of hours ago. Harry Styles, a member of the über popular British boy band, One Direction, had tweeted this," she explained, and pointing to the tweet captured on the large flat screen. 

"@Harry_Styles: 'I'm sorry. I screwed up. I lied to everyone. I didn't stop Taylor's rumour about Becca. The truth was...I cheated. Stop sending her hate, she did nothing except be innocent. Becca, I still love you, please forgive me. @Beccaaaaa_'" she read Harry's tweet aloud. 

"Wow. What an apology! Harry immediately went down 1k followers on Twitter after the tweet, and he's now down 35k after that. But the best part was Becca's immediate response," the reporter lady exclaimed. 

"@Beccaaaaa_: 'It's about damn time! See people? I wasn't lying! Harry was! You're a bloody idiot Harry. I could never forgive you. I could have if you hadn't denied it and let the rumours keep going. You have no idea how hurt I was and still am, Harry. Don't think your dimples and green eyes will get you out of this mess. Because it won't. @Harry_Styles'" she read my tweet like she read Harry's. 

"We'd like to make a full apology to Becca, sincerely, we believed that you were the guilty one in this little mess. The original rumour was that Becca had cheated. The rumour was released a couple of weeks ago by Taylor Swift, Harry's then-girlfriend. She broke up with Harry an hour ago due to his love confession to Becca. Now, the real question is, who did Harry cheat with? And was she worth it? Will Becca forgive Harry? We'll be back later with an interview with Amanda Seyfried, on her latest movie "Les Miserables" playing Cosette." the lady said. The commercial for Reece's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups was on, so Leah switched it to Pretty Little Liars, my favourite TV show. I wasn't paying attention though. I reached for my phone to check Twitter. Instead, I got an interesting call. I pressed "answer" and lifted my phone to my ear. 

"Um...hi Paul," I said, confused. 

"Hello, Ms. Moore. It has come to our awareness-ah, forget it. Basically we need you to get back with Harry. We tried Taylor as a rebound but it obviously didn't work well...anyways, Becca, look at your Twitter. Look at what's trending," Paul said. 

"Ugh. I thought this would be a form of an apology," I grumbled. I checked what was trending. #Berry #Hecca #BeccaaandHarry #Berryforever #WehateHaylor #BeccacceptHarrysapology #Pens #EdSheeranfollowspree #WeloveBerryStoore was the entire thing. 

"Why do they want us together so badly?" I asked Paul, slightly annoyed, but for some reason, almost...happy. 

"They shipped you guys as a couple, you had less hate than Zerrie and Elounor combined," Paul stated, stretching the "ined" in combined. I sighed. 

"How will this benefit me?" I asked. 

"You and Leah get modelling jobs for magazines, get to go on tour with the boys, and get an instant two million followers on Twitter, no exaggeration," Paul replied quickly, as if reading off prizes we won on a gameshow. 

"Fine. But just so Leah can get some modelling gigs. And a boyfriend," I said. 

"Fair enough. Harry is coming to your place in half an hour to pick you up," Paul said. 

"Leah's place. I'm over there," I corrected. 

"Also, you guys have to kiss," Paul said reluctantly. I grimaced. 

"Alright. Fine. Tell him I'll see him soon," I grumbled.

"Okay then. Bye, see you soon," Paul said. 

"Bye," I said and hung up. Leah stared at me, wide-eyed. I had put it on speaker when I found out who it was. 

"You did not just do that for me," she said in awe. 

"I did, and I have to get ready," I said, getting up. Leah put some dark makeup on me, to give the impression that I'm not head over heels for the jerk. She straightened my hair, and by the time she finished, the doorbell rang. I walked up to Harry. 

"Let's get this over with," I said. 

"Thank you for agreeing, it means so much-" I glared at him.

Right. Let's go," Harry ducked his head. We went down the elevator and out the door to the limo, a bunch of paparazzi taking pictures. Harry took my hand, and when I was about to shrug it away, I remembered, we were a couple again. We got in the limo; we were on our way to see Skyfall. I had already seen it, but Harry hadn't, and I enjoyed the movie quite a lot, enough to see it again. We talked-more like he talked about how sorry he was. Harry tried to make small talk ("How've you been?" "Everything okay?" "Can I try a brownie when we get back to Leah's?"), but I pretended to be interested in the game I was playing on my phone. The limo finally stopped, and we got out of it and onto the sidewalk, holding hands.

"How did they know we were going to be there?" I asked.

"Paul tweeted it," Harry replied simply. We rode up the escalator to the movie theatre. We bought our tickets and concessions and went into the movie. I hummed along to "Skyfall" by Adele, and Harry gave me a look. 

"Stop humming," he said, semi-jokingly. 

"No! I can do what I want," I countered. 

"Then I'll make you," 

"No you won't," 

"Yes I will," 





"N-" I was cut off by a plump pair of lips crashing into mine. I was stunned for a second, then I fell right into his trap. In between kisses, I mumbled, 

"I hate you Harry Styles. You stole my heart." 

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