This is about a girl who gets abused by her dad then she runs away and runs into five boy she knew who they were Louis adopted her then that made her valentines awesome.


1. running in to one direction

Oh my gosh would my father ever stop beating me on the most romantic day of the year.  Yes it is valentines day and my father beats me he just left to get some beer.  I garbed a bag put some clothes in it and I ran hoping nobody saw me but sure enough there were five boys behind me oh my gosh one direction was chasing me well until Liam caught me I was so scared of what they might do to me but they took me home and cleaned me up I felt safe around them especially on this day Louis had asked me what happened I told him the whole story my dad used to love me until my mom and dad split up then my dad got custody of me he started drinking then he would hit burn and cut me.  Then I finally had enough and ran away from him.  He told me to wait my dad had put me back up for adoption which made me happy I gave him the number he called and signed  some papers while the rest of the boys were out he told me I was now his daughter I was so happy then the boys walk through the door with valentines stuff in their hands Niall went first then Liam then Zayn then Harry it was so nice I could say I have never had this good of a valentines day before the rest of the day we played truth or dare.

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