I Found You

"........ and my life would have never turned out to be as happy and full of love as it is now if I had never found you."
When 18 year old Millie runs away from home injured and lost during a storm, where will she end up and who will rescue her? Find out in my newest Movella!


9. News

Millie's POV: Niall carried me into the hospital and told the lady at the front desk that I needed to be seen quickly. She grabbed me a wheelchair and Niall placed me in it. It would be a 15 minute wait since I wasnt in a life-threatening situation.

During the wait, Niall and I talked about life and he made me laugh. For the first time in 5 years, I actually laughed. He was such a sweet boy. I couldnt help but smile whenever he spoke to me. Was I falling for this Irish cutie?

The doctor called me in and Niall wheeled me into the room. They took xrays of my leg and we had to wait for a long hour to get the results back. When, the doctor came back in, he announced that my leg is broken and that I would I would need a cast. The procedure would take place in a half an hour.

" You okay?" Niall asked.

"Never been better." I replied. And it was actually true.

"Good. So what color are you going to get your cast?"

"Hmmm... I dont know. Whats your favorite color?"

"Umm.. green. Why?"

"Im going to get green for my cast."



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