I Found You

"........ and my life would have never turned out to be as happy and full of love as it is now if I had never found you."
When 18 year old Millie runs away from home injured and lost during a storm, where will she end up and who will rescue her? Find out in my newest Movella!


29. Nandos

Niall tells me to cover my eyes as we reach our destination. I do as I'm told and place my hand over my eyes while being clareful not to smudge my makeup.

"Okay we're here." Niall says. "You can uncover your eyes."

I put my hands down and I see a resturant. But not just any resturant, it was our favorite resturant... NANDOS!!

"Niall...." I can't even speak.

"Ssshh. C'mon. Let's go inside."

He leads me into the resturant as we are hand in hand. I notice that there are no people in the resturant. Hmm..that was weird cause this place was usually crowded.

"Why isn't there anybody here?" I ask Niall.

"Becuase I reserved it for just the two of us." he responds.



A waitress comes over to our table and asks us what we would like to drink. We order a bottle of wine and she comes back with it. We clank the glasses against each other and we swallow the wine. It was good.

The waitress comes back and we order our food. Like always, Niall gets a huge meal but I stick to something small since I'm not much of a big eater.

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