I Found You

"........ and my life would have never turned out to be as happy and full of love as it is now if I had never found you."
When 18 year old Millie runs away from home injured and lost during a storm, where will she end up and who will rescue her? Find out in my newest Movella!


30. Is This Really Happening?

Niall's POV:

I can't contain my excitement bcause she has no idea what is going to happen tonight.She is going to be so happy. I just love her so much and that is why I know that she will be my future wife and the mother of my children. She willl be the one that I will be with forever.

We finish eating our food and I give it a few minutes.

"Let's go outside on the resturant balcony." I say as I grab her hand and lead her to the otherside of the room to a door thet leads to the outside balcony.

I check my pockets to make sure I hadn't forgotten it. It was still there.

"Why did you do all of this tonight, Niall." she asks but before I answer I get down on one knee and pull a small black box out of my pocket. I see her freeze as her body gets tense.

"I did it because I want to marry you Millie. So, will you marry me?" I ask as in my head I am paryaing that she willl say yes.

"Yes. Yes. A million times yes." she says as tears start streaming down her face. I knew they were tears of joy. I slid the ring on her finger and I hugged her tightly.

Our eyes locked and I saw that hers were sparkling. I lean in and gently kiss her lips. She doesn't refuse as she kisses me back.

"I never knew I could love someone this much until I found you." I say and then I kiss her again.

"I love you." she says.

"I love you more." I say.

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