I Found You

"........ and my life would have never turned out to be as happy and full of love as it is now if I had never found you."
When 18 year old Millie runs away from home injured and lost during a storm, where will she end up and who will rescue her? Find out in my newest Movella!


13. I Found You

Millenia's POV:

Niall brought all of my stuff upstairs while I waited for him to bring me upstairs. We just talked for a little while when I noticed that he was writing something.

"Whatcha writing?" I asked him.

"Oh, Im just writing a song. Wanna hear it?"

He grabbed his guitar and started strumming. He sang the chorus:

"I found you, in the darkest hour.

I found you, in the pouring rain.

I found you, when I was on my knees and your life brought me back again.

I found you, in a river of pure emotion.

I found you, my only truth.

I found you, and the music playing.

I was lost, til I found you."

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