I Found You

"........ and my life would have never turned out to be as happy and full of love as it is now if I had never found you."
When 18 year old Millie runs away from home injured and lost during a storm, where will she end up and who will rescue her? Find out in my newest Movella!


19. Cast Gone

Millie's POV:

We arrived at the hospital and I was kinda nervous but I dont know why, since there was nothing to be worried about.

Niall offered to carry me in but I refused. I wanted to at least get another chance to walk with my cast before it was removed.

So, we walked into the hospital and told the lady at the front desk that we were scheduled to be here at 12:00 and she said that it would be a 10 minute wait. That was fine by me.

*10 minutes later:

Dr.Martinez came into the waiting area and told us that he was ready for me. Niall came along next to me but the doctor said that during the removal of the cast that it was only the patient and the doctor allowed. I wanted Niall to come so badly, but he couldnt.

"I'll see you in a little while, okay babe?"

"Okay." he kissed me on the forehead and with that, I was on my way to the doctor's room.

I sat down on the hospital chair in a room titled: "Removals". The doctor had brought in other doctors to help and the whole process went fine. It about a half an hour until I was completley freed of the green cast.

Niall's POV:

It was about a half an hour later, when I saw Mille come back with the doctor. But she had crutches.

"She's going to need to have crutches but only for a few hours. She can stop using them at about 7:00 tonight." the doctor said.

"Okay." I replied.

"Hi Niall!" Millie said to me as I gave her a huge hug.

"Hey love." I said back." How are you feeling?"

"I've never been better. Now lets get out of here, hospitals give me anxiety."

"Haha. Okay."

I helped Millie into the car and we headed off to Nando's to grab some lunch.


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