Liam`s Secret Sister

I`m Allison but people call me Ally. I`m the little sister of one of the boys from the world`s most famous band. My birth name is Allison Payne but was forced to have my name Allison Hylton because of paparazzi , and because our dad Mark never wanted us to keep contact (even though we did), or even remember each other . My mother Katherine is annoying and a mess , one night she got on my nerves to much and I couldn`t take it no more, so I called up my big brother . Liam . Liam only knows some stuff about me.
When Allison ( Or Ally) goes and lives with the boys and her brother Liam, what will happen when Niall,Louis,Zayn, and very cheeky Harry battle for Allison even though Liam swore that if one of them broke her heart he would kill them. Will Allison fall for one of the boys? Will she find the true love she`s been waiting for? Will she get her heart broken? Will she just leave because of stress? Will she fall hopeless-y in love? Read to find out ;) xxx


3. Chapter 2: " Kiss Me"

Allison`s P.O.V

I  explained EVERYTHING to Dani. In the end her mouth was wide open , like her jaw was gonna drop to the ground any second. " So basically you like , Zayn, Harry, Louis , and Niall?!?" " You kissed Zayn`s neck and your scared that Liam might get a little over protective of you around the boys PSHH! Dang Girl!" Danielle yelled loudly. " Danielle they can hear you!" I whispered putting my hand over her mouth."Yeah I like them but you can`t tell them , I`ll go crazy if you tell them and they don`t even know I`m a HUGE directioner. Plus I`ve always been a Zayn Girl" I said blushing red. " Awe your blushing Ally!" She said loudly. I slipped on my Zayn Malik sweat pants and matching shirt that says: " I Love Zayn Malik" With a heart at the end. I walked out and sat on Zayn`s lap. " Really an I Love Zayn Malik shirt?" Zayn laughed. " Yeah I love you , you guys are amazing!" I said kissing his cheek. He blushed lightly. " Zayn can you stay here and watch Allison while we get some stuff?" Liam said with a wink. " Oh.... Yeah sure!" Zayn said tugging on my earlobe with his teeth. " Bye Liam" I said waving at him as he walked out the door. "I heard you like me.." Zayn whispered in my ear smiling. "No I don`t" I said grinning. " Oh...... Sorry" he replied looking hurt. " I love you that`s why I don`t like you" I said laughing as I pulled him in a hug. " I Love You too" He replied smiling stupidly. Oh my god I am hyperventilating inside my body , thee ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK SAID HE LOVES ME! Oh my god this is awesome I have to tell Danielle this! " Kiss me" I said to him closing my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me lightly and sweet. his lips were so soft and plump.Our lips moved in sync. We finally stopped kissing after a couple minutes. We both gasped for air. " Allison your crazy"

"I know"


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