Liam`s Secret Sister

I`m Allison but people call me Ally. I`m the little sister of one of the boys from the world`s most famous band. My birth name is Allison Payne but was forced to have my name Allison Hylton because of paparazzi , and because our dad Mark never wanted us to keep contact (even though we did), or even remember each other . My mother Katherine is annoying and a mess , one night she got on my nerves to much and I couldn`t take it no more, so I called up my big brother . Liam . Liam only knows some stuff about me.
When Allison ( Or Ally) goes and lives with the boys and her brother Liam, what will happen when Niall,Louis,Zayn, and very cheeky Harry battle for Allison even though Liam swore that if one of them broke her heart he would kill them. Will Allison fall for one of the boys? Will she find the true love she`s been waiting for? Will she get her heart broken? Will she just leave because of stress? Will she fall hopeless-y in love? Read to find out ;) xxx


2. Chapter 1: Meeting the boys

Allison`s P.O.V

I was in Bradford, England at night time.I was wearing black lace leggings, a long sleeve baggy but cute red sweater , my nerd glasses, my white jordans and my Chicago Bulls snap back.  "It`s freezing! Liam hurry your ass up, I`m gonna freeze to death before you come and get me!" I said into the phone shaking at how low the temperature is outside. " Okay sorry I had to pick up Danielle and -" " DANIELLE IS HERE! YAY!" I yelled at a piercing tone. I heard my old annoying, obnoxious  neighbor come out and yell :" DARN IT SHUT THE HELL UP!". I heard Liam laugh out how rude my ex- neighbor is. "Whore.." I muttered in to the phone. Liam and Danielle laughed at my foul language. A honk filled my hears as I looked up from my I Phone 5 to find my brother`s car. I jumped up and laughed as I ran to my big brother. " I missed you Li ! " I said as he engulfed me into a huge bear hug. " I missed you too!" He said happily smiling in to my long , straight hair." Damn Shawty yuh smull( smell) gud mi g" I said in a stupid ghetto accent. We both chuckled at the same time. " Your British accent is gone!?" Liam gasped loudly smacking his hand against his chest in exaggeration. " Yeah.." I murmured.  I heard another car door slam and I knew who it was. My best friend for LIFE. Danielle. " Dani! I missed you so much babe!" I said hugging my best friend tightly. " I missed you so much you have no idea I felt so lonely with out my Peanut butter here!" She said frowning but then smiling. " Awe! Jelly your so sweet!" I said kissing her cheek as well as she returned a friendly kiss back on my cheek." Alright let`s get back in the car so you can meet the boys , and because I`m freezing like hell.." Liam said hopping into the nice car. I pulled open the back seat and  sat down on the black leather seats. " Oo... Leather me likey !" I said licking my lips. I strapped my seat belt in and talked to Liam and Danielle until we reached a beautiful mansion. " Wow!" I said as I got out the car hauling my traveling bags. " yeah it`s really nice" Liam replied with a cute puppy smirk. Liam unlocked the door. There before me was 4 hot guys. " Mhmm" I said looking at them. " Hey I`m Harry..... I like to be naked and I like cats."Harry said winking I laughed at his comment. I hugged him and planted a kiss on his cheek.I was about to pull away and he whispered: " And I like you". Cheeky boy. " I like you to curly" I said in response.I moved onto the rest of the boys giving them hugs and kisses on the cheek. We all dove on the couch I landed on Zayn. I didn`t even bother to get up. I sat up on his lap as he snaked his arms around my waist. Liam sent me and Zayn a glare. " Come on Liam! We just friends!" I said in low , but not a whiney tone. He nodded and then the room grew silent. Louis finally broke the silence. " Hey Allz how about we ask you questions and you answer them?" He said smiling proudly at his new nickname for me. " Sure go ahead I`ll answer anything.." I said with a hint of bravery. The questions began.

"Full name?"

"Allison Marie Payne"


"Here with you guys .. duh!"

"Favorite color?"


"Single or Taken?"


I heard the boys mumble stuff like "yes!" "she`s mine" "great." I just giggled lightly as I fixed my snap back .

" Underwear color and fabric ?"     Really Harry, Really is the necessary.

"Um... Black .." I said while a blush crept on my cheeks. I quickly put my face in the crook of Zayn`s neck as I nibbled on it. I picked up my head to find Zayn smirking at me. I sent him a smirk in return.

"Blazers or Stripes?"

"Cant pick there both awesome"

" Age?"



"July 23 2 months from now."

"Many embarrassing and easy questions later we decided to watch a scary movie. " Danielle wanna get changed into pajamas with me?" I said winking. Winking was our special signal for " we need to talk NOW". "Yeah follow me!" She said with a smile. I followed her into the bathroom.


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