The Winterdowns

Inspired by/written for January 18th 2013 image prompt~

A young girl lives on the streets. Not a penny to her name.

Winter is the hardest time for the homeless. Especially when it snows...

//Fantasy/Romance/Adventure by Teku//


1. It was a cold winters day

I stood under the tree, gazing over the rail and at the snow covered city.

My breath fogged up with each exhale. My lungs froze up a little with each inhale.

I rubbed my arms, attempting to gather some small piece of warmth, but I soon realized it was futile effort after a while and stopped.


The sun was beginning to sink into the horizon, the snow on the many roofs glinting and shining like gold.  

What little warmth there was vanished with the light.

I faced down the deserted street and began a slow trudge through the snow.

Where I was headed, not even I could tell.

I had no home. No family, nor friends.

Just the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet.   Shoes, I might add, that were slowly soaking through with melted ice, and a little slush slipped in through the top with each step.

Squelch, Squelch...

Most unpleasant, but there wasn't anything to be done about it.

I continued on my way.

Where I would end up was anyone's guess.

Come to me.

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