The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


4. What?

Did I just hear everything right? "Louis did you just say you loved me?" "Yea and I'm wondering if you would give me a chance" "well Louis I kinda already have a boyfriend to be honest with you" "oh I'm sorry I didn't know" "well you can meet him if you'd like me and him are moving my stuff out of my flat and into his" "yea I would like that very much". "So how was tutoring" "good me and Louis decided to catch up on what has been going on these past couple of years" " this weekend maybe on Saturday would you like to go bowling with me and some buddies from school I met them in gym class and we started talking and I guess we're going bowling this weekend" "yea sure if I'm not beaten up to badly" I tried to mumble so Liam would'nt hear me "what do you mean" "I mean gonna fight Morgan Jackson this Friday and dont worry I told her no weapons only fists" "yea but how many times woulld she listen to you" "eh you got a point there would you come with me with a pocket knife in handy or something" "of course I would come with backup" "ok so what are the guys' names that we are bowling with" "Zayn Harry and Niall" "sweet do you mind if Louis comes too" "nope not at all" "ok thanks" "anything for my girl" god I hope Saturday won't be awkward. "hey Li what are we gonna do for dinner" "my is gonna get chinese take out on her way home from work" "ok sounds good". *after dinner* "Liam I just saw soomething saying we don't have school tomorrow do you think we can go to the gym and you can teach me how to fight like throw punchees right and kick right" "of course I will do anything to help you with the fight" "Liam I am so tired I think I'm gonna head to bed early" "ok I'm right behind you babe I think I should get some sleep too" "ok goodnight babe" "night" he gave me a kiss and it started to get heated up "Liam I'm not so sure I mean we are both only seniors in high school" "would you be better if we used protection" "to be honest that was the only thing stopping us was no protection so yes". "I will go get one" "thank you" *skipping everything* "um Jordan" oh crap that didn't sound good "yea" "we have a little or big problem here" "what is it" "uh the condom broke" "WHAT?" I imediately start crying I mean what am I going to do if I am pregnant I am to close to graduating high school I can't just drop out I guess I would have to deal with the names and go to school for the next three months. "Liam I'm just so scared  what if I'm pregnant" "shhhhh it's ok there's nothing to worry about you got me and my mom trust me she went through the same thing as you she will understand we will go to the doctors and get a test done tomorrow" "ok.....shit what about the fight" "you cannot fight I won't let you" "ok I will tell Morgan" "no you can't I will she will start a bunch of rumors about you if you do" "ok I love you and I think if there is one this baby will have a very loving and caring father" "and he or she will have like I said before a smart, caring, and beautiful, mum".

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