The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


5. The Doctors

By the time me and Liam got to the doctors thats when I really started to get nervous about the baby. "Mr. and Mrs. Payne" the doctor called me and LIam stood up "thats us" "hello I'm doctor Fredricks so I heard you are here for an appointment for an ultra-sound" "yes sir" "well Jordan if you can just lay on this bed for me and pull you're shirt I'm gonna put this gel on you're stomach and it might be a little cold" "ok". The doctor was right it was really cold. "well Mrs. Jordan congratulations you're pregnant if you look here you can see the head it looks like you are about two weeks inot the pregnancy" I looked at the picture then I looked at Liam he had his hand over his mouth and water in his eyes by that I could tell he was just as happy as I was about this. "Liam babe are you gonna be ok" "yea I will be fine" "hey if it makes you feel any better I'm happy that it broke" after I said that Liam's face just perked right up. "I am too" thank god the doctor was out getting a picture of the baby. "I love you Li" "I love you too Jor" *going back to Liams* "Oh great now to tell the parents" 'there's nothing to worry about babe like I said my mom will help you" "ok" Finally me and LIam pull into his driveway I;m glad that his mom will help me through this because it's kinda hard for a eighteen year old girl with no job to take care of a baby. "oh I guess since I've got this thing inside me I can't go bowling on saturday" "I will call the guys and they can just hang out over here and we could watch some movies or something" "ok and I will call the principle of the school and tell her that I can't come to school because of maternity leave" "ok". "Hey mom we're home" "I'm in the living room Liam" when we we're walking to the living room Liam grabbed my hand and I felt pretty embarassed considering that my hand wwas sweating. "hey mom me and Jordan have something to tell you and you might want to sit down" "ok what is ir" "mom Jordan is Gonna have a baby" after he said that his mom had a blank stare on her face I wasnt sure what she was gonna say "oh my god I can't believe I'm gonna be a grandmother" "well you have nine months to used to that fact Mrs. Payne" "I love you guys so much I know you can make it through this" "thank you" "you're welcome Jordan and whatever you need I am here for you also" "ok thank you". "what did I tell you Jor" 'shut up or I will make you shut up" as I got closer to him I could feel his warm breath "make me" "I will take that as a challenge" I leaned foward and kissed him it was long unil  pulled apart and set my forhead on his he put his warm hand on my stomach. "nine more months and ourr little bundle o' joy is gonna be here" " can't tell you how happy I am about it too I love you" "I love you too" just when I thought my life sucked just one person came and turned it around but yet I can't stop thinking about Louis when he said he loved me.

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