The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


2. The date

I told Liam to pick me up around five for the movie so that gives me two hours to get ready. I deided since we were going to  a movie to wear my batman shirt and my white shorts and my black converse with studs on the side I also went for my black purse. I let my hair down into it's natural loose curls and applied a liittle mascara and lip gloss. *ding* I heard the doorbell ring I did one more quick look over considering this was my first date. "Hey" " Jordan you look amazing" "thanks" I knew this boy was to sweet to give up so I'm hoping this will last awhile. "You ready to go Jordan" "only if you are" "yep" "ok then lets go". On our way to the movies Liam and I got the chance to talk about our lives and our families. "ok so what movie do we want to see Jor" "I dont know how about.......Monters Inc. 3-D" "yea sure" I absolutley love monsters inc it has been my favorite movie since I was a little girl. "Ok that will be 10.50" I started to get out the money "Jordan what are you doing" "I'm getting money for the tickets" "no I will get it" "ok". Me and Liam were sitting down waiting for the movie to start once it started about a quarter of the way I knew Liam finally had the guts to make a move he did the cheesy stretch arm around the shoulder technique. I looked at him "what to cheesy" "no I liked it" Liam gave me a huge smile and I nudged closer to him and kissed me on the head I felt like i was finall loved by somebody. Once the movie was over me and liam were going to his car. "Jordan I want you to stay with me tonight only if you want to though" "I would love to" *at Liams house* "Liam is that you" I heard a woman call. "Yep mom it's me I brought a friend over if you dont mind" "nope I dont mind at all...oh hi Liam I thought you ment a guy friend" "I'm Jordan Hook nice to meet you Mrs. Payne" "nice to meet you Jordan". "hey Jordan you wanna go see my room" "yea sure" Liam picked me up and put me over his shoulder. "Liam put me down" I was trying to speak but I was laughing at the same time "ok" he through me down on his purple bed. "wow this is huge Li" he was staring at me again and I lost focus of everything around me. *Liams POV (point of view)* She was aboslutely gorgeous her eyes sparkled like the ocean I wanted to kiss her but I don't know how she would feel I guess I could try *Jordans POV* What was he doing is he leaning closer oh my god Jordan just keep calm and lean in you know you feel the same. All of them sudden I felt mine and Liams lips meet I never wanted to pull back but I knew I would have to at some point. The kiss started to get heated when I realized where this waas going "Liam we can't" "I know I'm sorry I love you Jordan I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend" "of course Liam I love you too"

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