The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


3. School the next day

*buzzer goes off* The next morning I woke up to a beautiful face I started to freak out but then I remembered I spent the night at Liam's house. "Ugh why does school have to be so damn early people were not made to wake up at 6:00 in the morning" "hey it could be worse we could have absolutley no classes together in school" "that's true...oh and good morning" Liam chuckled "good morning" he gave me a kiss on the forehead that way I knew I was his and only his. "I have to run over to my house and get my clothes and stuff" "no need to worry I already got it when you were sleeping last night" "thank you" "Jordan can I ask you a question" "yea?" "Would you like to move in with me I figured that living in that apartment alone could get pretty boring" "of course I will move in with you" "awesome we will go get your stuff after school today" "ok.....Li" "yea" "what do you think people will say about us when we walk into school later" "who cares what people say about us I hope people will get jealous that I'm holding hands with the most beautiful, intellegent, and kindess girl in the whole school". Oh my god I was about to cry he was so sweet and so caring about me I'm glad he asked me to be his girlfriend last night. "I'm gonna get in the shower ok Li" "ok see you in a few". I got out of the shower and realized I forgot my clothes out in Liams room before I walked out of the bathroom I made sure that it was clear to go out there. Great nobody was out there I walked out and started getting dress and right ass I was getting my  shirt on (thank god it was last) Liam walked in. "Oh my god Jordan I'm so sorry I should've knocked first" "no Liam it's fine it's your room I should've remembered to bring my clothes into the bathroom." "ok well then you ready to go to school" "I guess". *at school* Me and Liam were holding hands going down the hallway I heard people saying stuff like "ugh why is he holding hands with that slut" and "I knew she couldn't stay away from other guys". Liam held me closer he saw the tears building up and gave me a hug and wiped away the tears I felt better after that. "Ok well I guess I'm off to English I'll see you next hour Li" "bye Jordan" He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we both went our seperate ways. *ding* The bell rang for first hour "I hope you did'nt forget about our little fight on friday now that you have a boyfriend Whoredon" "haha very clever nickname and bitch don't even think I forgot about kicking your ass." By next hour I was pretty pissed off but I had to hide it so I wouldn't go off on Liam "hey babe" he gave me a kiss on the cheek I was a little more calm after that. "Oh Liam I just remembered I have a tutoring session after school so can we get my stuff tomorrow" "yea of course who are you tutoring" "oh just one of my old friends" "ok babe I will see you at home love you" "love you too" *end of the day bell* Finally I was so happy to hear that last bell of the day except now I have to go teach Louis maybe me and him could get somethings straight while I'm there. *knock knock* "Coming" I heard a voice yell "Jordan what are you doing here" "I'm here to tutor you remember now I don't like this anymore than you do so lets just get this over with". Me and Louis were in the middle of a problem when I caught Louis staring at me "what?" "what ever happened to us" "what do you mean us" "I mean out friendship it seems like it went just walking out the door" "yea kinda because I stopped talking to you after you became friend's with Morgan and turned against me" "I'm so sorry Jordan I don't know what got into me I think it was just the fact that I was finally popular and I would really like our friendship back Jordan if your ok with it" "oh my god Louis you literally don't know how long I have been waiting for you to say that of course I'm fine with our friendship coming back" Louis hugged me and I heard him whisper by accident or I think it was by accident "I love you Jordan"///A/N: What do you think will happen with Jordan and Louis. Will Liam find out that Louis loves Jordan. Will he be ok with their friendship though Louis loves Jordan. I will try to update tomorrow

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