The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


6. Moving day

Today was finally the day that I was moving into Liam's house I felt bad not helping carry stuff into the house because the doctor said not to lift anything heavy but the good news is that Liam and Louis seemed to be getting along great we had Harry, Zayn, and Niall over helping too. "Hey you guys hungry I made lunch" "yes" they all said at the same time. We all sat outside underneath one of our oak trees and ate lunch. I sat next to Liam Harry sat next to Louis and Niall sat next Zayn every once in a while Liam would feed me a chip and we would get flooded with "awe's". Finally we got all of my stuff into Liams place I was so happy and I'm guessing the guys were too according that they were all asleep on the floor. "Liam" "mhhmmm" "wake up babe" "yea" "I think it's time to tell Morgan to vall off the fight" "are you sure" "yea I don't want Morgan hurting you me or the baby if I don't show up without her knowing" "ok". *at school* Liam's pov "hey Morgan" "Liam how you doing" "what the hell do you care. I just came to tell you that Jordan won't be able to fight" "why is she to chicken to come" "hell no she's not. I just can't tell you the reason" "ok but just be sure to watch your back and Jordan's" *back at the house*Jordans pov "Jor you here" "yea I'm in the bedroom Li" "so Morgan said to watch our backs because I didn't tell her about the you know what" "thanks Li it really means alot that you would do that for me" "of course I would why would'nt I I'm the father of our baby and Jordan if you would" Liam got down on one knee I was so shocked. "Jordan don't worry this is a promise ring not an engagement ring but would you do the honors of accepting this promise ring." "of course Li" as Liam was sliping the ring on my finger he said "Jordan I promise to be loyal and grateful, I will never lose you, nor hurt you I will love you forever" "forever and ever babe" (SORRY THIS WAS SUCH A SHORT CHAPTER I'M HAVING MAJOR WRITERS BLOCK HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT THOUGH)

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