The new guy and the old one

Jordan Hook has never really been the popular girl in her school. She has had one best friend before he betrayed her in their jounior year in high school that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. But when she finds the one person that really cares for her will Louis want her back?


1. A little place i like to call hell

Hi im Jordan Hook I am a senior at Meadow Brooks High School. I am like any other 18 year old girl. Except i dont have a family my parents disowned me when i was 15 and I lived in a foster home for 2 years then ran away. I have no friends I am pretty much the bottom of the food chain in high school I know being a senior its pretty difficult being at the bottom. "Bitch" I hear one person say as I walk down the hallway. I should be used to it by now I have been called these names ever since my old best friend Louis Tomlinson became popular and turned everyone against me. "Slut" ok now that voice I recongized. "Morgan". Morgan Jackson the most popular girl in school and my sworn enemy since I dont know forever. "What do you want whore" Morgan says. "Ha says the one that has probably slept with the whole fucking football team" "Well it looks like somebodys a little jealous that shes never gonna get some" "OK that is it I am sick and tired of you constantly ruining my fucking life. First it was when we were five and you tried stealing my best friend from me". "Who Louis he barely knows you exist now whatever friendship you two had is now out the window it has been since our jounior year". "You know what I'm not gonna deal with you right now cause if I kill you there's gonna be to many witnesses." "Ha like you would ever lay a hand on me" "Oh please bitch you want a bet you me no weapons at the local park nine o' clock Friday" "ugh whatever I will see you there". As I walk  down the hallway I run into somebody "I am so sorry" "no don't be I am clumsy enough". As we both go down for my book we hit heads together I bring my ocean blue eyes up to his big brown puppy like eyes. "Hi I'm Jordan" "Liam I'm accually kinda new here and I'm kinda lost do you mind helping me""oh yea no problem" I cant believe this someone is accually talking to me and not calling me names. "lets see it looks like you have History for second hour so do I follow me to class" "thanks". He looked at me with those big eyes and I swear something inside of me melted.  "Class this is our semi-new student Liam Payne" my teacher Mr. Henderson says. "Liam you may take the seat right there next to Jordan". "Hey Liam how come your a semi-new student" "Hey and a lot of people know me from the track team. So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later after school like go see a movie or something" are you kidding did he just ask me out "I'd like that very much thank you Liam". Great now off to math class and an hour without Liam what am I gonna do. "Jordan may I see you please" "yes Mrs. Johnson" "Jordan I have realized that your Math grades are absolutley incredible so I have a job for you starting next week you will be toutoring one of youe class mates" "ok who is it" "Louis Tomlinson" WHAT please tell me she did not just say the name I think she said. "ok Mrs. Johnson". Oh boy thank god that school is over. For the day 

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