I'm Watching You (1D)

Harry Styles is known as the wild one in One Direction and everyone is fed up of him partying every single night and getting off with every girl he meets. When a newspaper article about Harry's antics lands on Simon Cowell's doorstep arrives, he decides that it's time to take action so he kicks Harry out of the group. Now broke and lonely, Harry can't afford to refuse a single job offer when it comes. So what happens when he lands a job as a stalker/spy? He has to stalk the employer's best friend, Devon Matthews whose never had a boyfriend and nobody knows why. So mix in a stalker/spy and a girl who has never dated before and cause a little drama. This is I'm Watching You.


2. Chapter 1

"I heard she and Harry kissed," Whispers all around town were surfacing as I blissfully walked down the street, keeping my head down. At first the rumours were okay, not too much but now they were getting worse. For the first time in five days, I was confident in going out and seeing the world. I smiled politely at people walking by as I stuffed my hands in my pocket, watching everyone stare at me. 

"Are you okay?" A woman appeared behind me, looking ever so worried. Unsure of what to say, I quivered ever so slightly at the  sight of her. Her brown chestnut hair fell down at shoulder length as I grinned.

"Yes, why?" I asked confused, nervous at her reaction. Her eyes widened as I stopped, like I was meant to know why.

"The rumours," She paused. "Didn't you know?" 

"Um no," 

I took a step back and ran off, my eyes shifting towards Harry as he whispered things into people's ears.



"Does it bug you?" Erika, my best friend asked as we sat down in Costa, three metres away from Harry who was outside. I took a sip of my coffee before replying.

"No, not really," I lied, biting my lip in the process. I couldn't tell her what really happened that night or my true feelings. I gave her a short smile before footsteps approached me from behind. I could hear a gasp from Erika as she looked up, confused.

"Is something wrong?" I asked worriedly. She shook her head and sipped her drink before getting her phone. I ran my hand through my hair as a pair of hands grabbed me from behind. The tioned muscles of the person's arm were rock solid as I fell to the floor, disgusted at the sight of him.

"Harry," Erika remarked shocked as she looked up. The green eyes of Harry shone brightly from the sunshine outside as he sat on the chair I was sitting on. A smile crept up upon his mouth as he licked his lips seductively. I felt rather sick in horror.

"I can't believe you and Harry kissed!" Erika mentioned excitedly, Harry looking ever so confused.

"Um we never kissed," Harry replied, not wanting to burst her bubble. Erika's mouth formed an O shape as I smiled nervously.

Knowing the truth now, Erika looked at me and cleared her throat.

"You lied to me," She replied, giving me a death glare. Her brown hair shone brightly in the sun as her eyebrows made an arch shape.

"It's not her fault," Harry said. "I told her to lie for the sake of everyone."

"But why?" Erika asked.

"Because," Harry said looking at his watch. "I better go, bye." 

He walked out of the shop and I shook my head. That boy got confusing every single day.


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