I'm Watching You (1D)

Harry Styles is known as the wild one in One Direction and everyone is fed up of him partying every single night and getting off with every girl he meets. When a newspaper article about Harry's antics lands on Simon Cowell's doorstep arrives, he decides that it's time to take action so he kicks Harry out of the group. Now broke and lonely, Harry can't afford to refuse a single job offer when it comes. So what happens when he lands a job as a stalker/spy? He has to stalk the employer's best friend, Devon Matthews whose never had a boyfriend and nobody knows why. So mix in a stalker/spy and a girl who has never dated before and cause a little drama. This is I'm Watching You.


1. Prologue



The loud thump of the bass coming from the speakers exploded into the crowded living room as I clutched my beer in my hand, trying to push my way past intoxicated teenagers. I could barely squeeze past all those people surrounded around the bar but luckily I managed it and did a little victory dance as I walked into the empty kitchen, nobody in sight. I put my drink on the countertop and walked over to the grey coloured fridge that proudly stood between the kitchen sink and washing machine.

The bright light of the fridge hit my eyes instantly as I searched around the whole cold fridge, pondering about what I’d snack on. It seemed odd, me getting a bite to eat at some stranger’s house but this wasn’t a stranger’s house that I was pleasantly inviting myself into; this was Harry Styles’ house. It comes as a shock to people, I know Harry Styles and the first thing that comes to mind is that I’m a stalker in many people’s heads. It does seem weird that me and Harry met just walking down the street like ordinary people and suddenly he bumps into me. I lost all control of my body and the first thing that I did was fall down in some random man’s bushes, causing a collision between myself and a garden gnome. After that, everything is history.

The really weird thing is, that was only last week and here I was; casually roaming around his house. After two minutes of constant searching around his fridge, I stopped and closed the fridge as the little light switched off. I turned around and proudly sitting on a swirly chair was Harry, smirking as usual.

“Hey babe,” he smiled as he patted a seat next to him, signalling for me to sit next to him. I walked over to him and as soon as I sat down, he placed his toned arm around mine, coming closer by the minute. I could hear him breathing heavily as he stroked my arm rough fully, this time faster. The more I tried to pull away, the more he did it and the worse too.

“Harry…” I cried, trying to pull away as he pushed my arm into my lap, making me wince so loudly that a few people were now walking over to the kitchen wondering what the hell is going on. As soon as I spotted a spoon on the countertop, a smirk came on Harry’s face and he held onto my arm as he reached for the beer bottle on the table.


“Before you think of anything,” he interjected, “don’t.” The stare in his eyes made it too impossible not to obey him and the distance between us grew closer as he neared my face, licking his lips in the process.

“Harry,” I began. “Please stop.”

“Why?” He smirked. “We’re just getting started.”


And that was the day that my life changed for good.

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