the unexpected

this is a story of how two single sisters met their true love and shows how the most unexpected can happen


1. the most unexpected is never impossible

"come on sis" Rhiannon yelled "really Rhiannon we've been shopping for hours and we still haven't seen any cute decent boys" I complained  " yeah, well that's because were not looking hard enough" argued Rhiannon "well why don't we actually go actual site seeing like we could go on the London eye" I suggested "there will be a great view i guess and we may even be able to see one directions houses" Rhianon obsessed "really" i complained i loved my sister but sometimes she takes her obsession with one direction way overboard, at one point she even couldn't go a day without going to Nando's just to see if Niall has turned up there, He never did.

"Come on Chloe just this once ppppllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee" pleaded Rhiannon "OK, OK yes we'll eat in nando's today but no yelling out or asking the person if they have seen your husband Niall like you did last time" Rhiannon sulked but quickly agreed.

we sat in nando's for a while we talked and ate and discussed boys when a man came up to us said "be there tomorrow at 7" i didn't recognize him but from the squeal my sister made i new she recognized him i gave her a glare to quieten down and to stop drawing attention to herself, sometimes i couldn't believe i was the younger sister, we paid for our meal and walked out the restaurant. i turned to Rhiannon and said "who was that man? i know that you know who he is, but i didn't recognize him. so who is he?"  i asked only to receive a look that i knew only too well, it was the look she gave me when she was calling me a dumb ass in her head " That.was.Paul." she panted " wait what you mean the Paul, as in the Paul, one direction bodyguard Paul" from the look on her face I could tell I was right I took out the napkin he had handed me earlier it read 'we saw you talking and you seem like nice girls wanna meet up some time? see you at the eye tomorrow' signed Harry and Niall. Me and Rhiannon almost fell over OMG tomorrow was valentines day.

valentines day...

Me and Rhiannon had gone crazy once we read the letter we went out and bought a new dress each. mine was just bellow the knee length, it was black and had a low cut back that was covered with lace. I bought a pair of black kitten heels to match, my sister however wanted to be noticed she wore a red extremely short cut dress, that ended halfway up her calf, its was low cut at the front and she bought a pair of black boots to match. we both did each others hair, mine was half up half down and the up part of it was curly, my sister however had her hair in an amazing chignon showing her slender neck. We walked out the hotel and over to the eye it was round the corner so it didn't take long, we got there with about five minutes to spare when the boys turned up we were both awestruck, Harry was wearing a white suit and Niall in black we all went into the pod that was stationary there and inside there was two tables for two set out with candles and with meals already in place on the table, I barely noticed as Niall guided my sister to sit at one of the tables as Harry placed his arm round me and guided me outside for a minute" I thought we could give them a minute so that way both of us can actually get to know each other and so can they" harry commented, he looked so cute in the dark, being winter the sun had set an hour ago so we were in complete darkness, his cheeks where rosy and his hair was as unruly as ever, it was only now that I realized that I had never spent valentines day with a boy before so a warmth spread through me, tonight only one thing was on my mind, the extraordinarily handsome curly haired boy before me nothing would ruin this, being so close to my idol i would give the world to never let that moment end, it was then that harry spoke "so whats your name then beautiful" he smiled cheekily as my cheeks turned red i looked at the floor, then i looked up to a look of amazement in his eyes "c-Chloe my name is Chloe" I stuttered he seemed almost amused by my shyness "well c-Chloe its nice to meet you now why don't we go inside then" I hastily agreed it was cold out side so I was keen to head in.

I walked in with harry to see my sister and Niall had already eaten and were currently dancing in each others arms. Me and harry sat down and started talking about our lives although rather annoyingly I was doing most of the talking as I seemed to know most things about harry due to me and my sisters obsession with the band. "can i at least get one dance tonight?" harry asked as i had just told him im not much of a dancer due to both my shyness and the fact of always feeling like an idiot no matter what i did "yeah OK but i must warn you i have never waltzed before" harry laughed "that's OK cause neither have I" and we danced the night away

the next morning i woke up to be greeted by my sister throwing something at me "This is from your boyfriend" she laughed "what you mean Harry? he's not my boyfriend i don't even know if he likes me." Rhiannon burst into fits of laughter on the floor I looked at her puzzled I went to the bathroom to check she hadn't drawn a mustache on my face again like last time a boy became involved only to notice a giant love bite on the side of my neck I came out puzzled and looked to Rhiannon who said "he may have made a mark on you, but it seems you've made your mark on him." I walked over to my bed to see what she threw at me it was an enormous teddy bear it had a card in its hand the on the envelop it said 'i love you from harry x' she walked over too me and said "That's not all according to Niall he was saying your name all night in his sleep" she laughed at me and called me cute as my cheeks blushed i read the card inside it said 'Chloe i can't wait to see you again meet me at nando's this afternoon x '...

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