The Boy Who Loved

Conor and Isabel were the best of friends and everyone around them knew it. They were the perfect best of friends and nothing ever bad happened to them until that day they turned sixteen. It resulted in Isabel developing amnesia and remembering everybody else in her life except Conor. The one person she could count on, she forgot. Over the next two years, they both live separate lives but when Conor accidentally goes on a chat room, he speaks to a girl named Isabel who is the same age as him and lives near him. The memories she forgot could start to be coming back again. The boy who loved is about to be loved again.


1. Introduction




Isabel was my first love.

The one I truly loved and the one I never stopped loving since that day she lost her memory. It was painful to watch her suffer whilst I was standing there, perfectly fine eagerly awaiting the results from her scan as her parents wept tears. I felt like it should have been me who was suffering not her because I was crazy about the girl.

Crazy for her in so many ways that were unexplainable.

It seems so odd, me falling in love with my best friend when I had the reputation of a player. Every day girls would come up to me and start asking me out and they did that annoying thing where they’d twirl their hair around and act all stupid. It got annoying and irritating because they all know I had eyes for only one girl – Isabel. Except she never knew that I loved her and she never will. How can I go up to her and be all calm and say, ‘I love you,’ when she doesn’t even remember me?

Yeah that’s right, she doesn’t remember me. The funny thing is, she remembers everybody else but not me. The ones who bullied her constantly, she remembers them and they are now friends considering how much they hated her.

She doesn’t remember me, not at all. Not even the amazing memories we shared together.

It never sank in until the day I got back to school, chewing my gum as I walked proudly into school. It seemed like nothing was going to stop me living my life again until my very close friend Jaden came up to me with his arm hunched around his girlfriend’s.

“Hey Jaden,” I said casually as I gave him the ‘sup nod. His black leather jacket was slung over his shoulder, making him look like a bad boy which he wasn’t. He was the complete opposite and that was why he had a girlfriend.

“Hi Conor,” Melissa – Jaden’s girlfriend smiled with a smug smirk as she kissed Jaden’s cheek. She poked into his ribs and come closer to me with the tension between us rising.

“What’s the matter?” She smirked dirtily as she pulled me to her level. Her smirk disappeared and a bottom lip frown arrived.

“Did Isabel forget you again? Oh wait, she never remembered you!” The giggle in her voice made me feel sick. Did she have no respect what so ever? At this point I felt like slapping her until Jaden stepped in and pulled her away. He was completely oblivious that she was a horrible human being.

But that was the past and now I’m living in a world of my own, currently lying down on my bed with nothing to do. That’s not true, I have lots to do but I just want to reflect on my life right now. The peace and quiet in this room was so relaxing that you could-

“Conor,” My mom opens the door wide open with her hair looking scruffy like she hadn’t brushed it in ages. Her eyes were red and mascara was smudging down her face as the door creaked. I got off the bed and walked to my drunken mother who was too busy getting out a cigarette from her pocket. It was like this day and night at our household. I’d have to always look after my young brother whilst my mom went out to see her ‘friends’ and it usually ended up with her looking like this. My family lifestyle was broken. I had a single mother who wasn’t capable of looking after her children and often left me looking after the whole family whilst she went away from home as long as three weeks. I was used to it to be honest with you because it kept me away from those so called friends I used to have.

“Conor,” My mom smiles, “Grandma is coming in the evening and I need you to go to the store and pick up some more cigarettes. You know how I feel whenever she visits.” I smile sympathetically as she hands me five dollars in my hand which has now gone cold due to the cold air streaming from the door. My mom has never liked her own mother before yet since Owen – my brother loves Grandma, we all make the effort to look like we all love her.

Yep, that sums up my life. I love a girl who doesn’t even remember me, my mom is a drunken alcoholic and hardly anybody likes me.

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