My Bucket List

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about a bucket list, but there are some things that I would love to achieve before I go.


4. Travel All Over The World

I've already seen a fair amount of the world, but there is still so much that there is to see. I'm off to China this year, which is going to be amazing.

I want to see different cultures, see how the other half live, try and help where I can. And I love different food. I could pick up a few hints and tips for my own culinary creations.

Some people think it's selfish to travel, but you have to be selfish sometimes to enjoy your life and to see what life has in store for you. If you travel, there may be something in one of the places you visit that will make you think twice about what you have in your life. Or you might meet that someone special, or make new friends. And you have the chance to help people less fortunate than yourself, which is very rewarding.

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